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Hi and welcome to my little piece of cyber space. Its not done yet but i have been workin on it for a while so i have quite a bit of stuff here. Check it out, sign my guest book and even fill out The Ultimate Questionaire which is perverted but fun and read the responses to the questionare. Take a look at my woundeful life and dont forget to come back and visit again as i should have more new stuff up shortly.

RYAN, what a HOTTIE!

Hey there all you Reynolds fans. I too am a HUGE fan of Ryan and his work. He is a great actor and no doubt my favorite actor. I make sure too catch Two Guys and a Girl every week and cant wait till the next to see him again. If you wanna get to know him a little better, go click on his pic.

MoOoOoOo yepper you heard me right MoOoOoOo.

If your into the cow thing or just courius how i got hooked into liking them (dont worry its not that sappy of a story) give the fesical cow over there a click.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Betcha that caught you off guard. ~~~~~~ Do you like OLP or perhaps PROZZAK?~~Have your fortune told.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Well that picture along with others,~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well I do.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is just part of the stuff I find in my~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So go take a look.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~mail box everyday.

ck denis

Fill out The Ultimate Questionaire which is perverted but fun.

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