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Thanks to Lady Kathleen for my banner

I turned 3 yr old today, December 31st, 1999!!!

Southern Dolls Mini National 3 yr Queen

Hi, I'm Taylor Lynn.

I am 3 years old but my parents wanted you to know all about me so here goes. I am 34 lbs and am 35 inches tall. 
I live with my parents in Hohenwald, Tennessee on a small farm and love my animals. I run a lot when mommy or daddy try to catch me. I keep them very busy all day long. I enjoy riding my bike, playing with our animals and riding my pony, modeling, doing pageants and playing with my friends.

I won Queen in the below beauty pageant I was in for 0-23 months in September, 98 and best personality. If you would like to see more about the pageants click Here  Here is one of me with my Granddaddy and Grandma that were there to see me which they don't get to make it too often sigh.

Mommy entered my picture in the Sweetheart contest at the sitefights, and thanks to everyone I came in 6th place!!!!

My mommy has worked so hard on my page that it is a featured page now as Wednesday, November 26th, 1997!!!!

My mommy has to help me with my page since I can't read or write yet but together we hope you like it. Thank you!! We have found some fun games to visit and other neat pages to visit on the web for you!! I let mommy know when I really like something on the internet by the way *smile*!!

Please click on the rose and visit a page my mommy did in memory of her daddy and my granddaddy that I never got to meet because he passed away when I was only 19 days old.  I'm named after him with my first name and I know that doesn't mean much to me since I'm too young but it does to my mommy.  I do know that my granddaddy watches over me all the time because we are very special to him.

If you want to see me with the Easter Bunny and see my big smile and also my mommy's Easter page then you can click on my Easter chick  I wouldn't sit with the Easter Bunny though after this I guess I was wondering how a Bunny could be so big.

Franny's Baby Page which is a great Pooh site and lots of fun stuff

Meet Clarease my Christmas Reindeer

Are you a safe driver?


Click on the Teletubbies logo and visit my page that mommy has started to make for my favorite tv program.

"Please help to support the "Adopt A Guardian Angel" Program. By doing so you are virtually taking the hand of a neighbor and joining us in creating a never ending circle around the world that will empower us to stand up and be the voice for all children of this planet! Show them we care enough to make a difference! In reality, by displaying this link back to our site you are helping us to meet our goal of creating awareness, education, recognition, prevention and intervention and that is the first real step towards breaking the cycle of abuse and stopping all forms of maltreatment!-Thank you for your support!"

Children Are Worth Saving Web Site

Clip Art Warehouse

You are visitor # to visit my page

Please feel free to send me mail even though I can't read but my mommy and daddy would love to hear your comments about my page and it makes me smile real big to hear what you have to say.

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