Hypnotherapy / Dream Analysis with Carole Murray  Adv.Dip.Hyp,
Member Central Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists, London
Hypnotherapy with Carole Murray
What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness. It is a common, every day experience and day dreaming, being lost in a book, watching television without registering are just a few examples.
What is hypnotherapy?

By inducing trance, hypnotherapy helps the client to concentrate inwards on memory, thought, fantasy, plans, etc. Trance is a state of awareness where it becomes possible to tap into those deep unconscious resources we all possess, allowing us to make desired changes.
What is brief therapy?

Brief therapy is when the Therapist works with the client to set goals, create an action plan and activate internal resources so that the client may move from the problem to the solution.

Resources such as the ability to overcome fear, make decisions, control responses and relax, can be elicited in trance or by using techniques borrowed from NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).
What can hynotherapy be used to treat?

Hypnotherapy can be used to effectively treat many different problems, including the following:-

Stress and anxiety
Confidence issues
Become a non-smoker
Weight loss
Public speaking fears and exam nerves
Improved sports performance
Writer's block

This service can assist you with any of the listed problems, so please call for an informal, confidential discussion of your needs.
What to expect at a treatment session...

You will receive friendly, professional attention in a relaxed atmosphere.  Most people achieve significant results within 1-4 visits.

Each session lasts approximately one hour at a cost of 50 per visit.      Smoking Cessation sessions last one and a half hours and the cost is 80.00.  .
To arrange for an appointment call Carole on 020 8922 5652
Mobile  07748 292824  or e-mail hypnotic_solutions@hotmail.com
It's time for change......
Sessions are held in Finchley and Golders Green, North London
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