For a limited amount of time, Talikar RPG will be accepting character transfers. This means that you can transfer a character you have in another role-playing game into the world of Talikar. Obviously, changes are likely to have to be made on the character in order to match the rules of this game. Character race and class will be preserved as closely as possible. Transferred characters will be transferred into Talikar RPG at a maximum level of 4. If your character is higher in level, he or she will have to take a cut in experience. Mundane items relevant to Talikar will be carried over, but magic items will not be transferred. If you would like more information on character transfers, feel free to contact a host in-game or e-mail us at Limited to 2 transfers per player. To transfer your character, simply follow the "Submit New Character" link below.

Submit New Character - Ready to register your character and begin your adventures in Talikar? Click the preceeding link. Please make sure you've reviewed the game rules, especially those involving races, classes, skills, and spells.

Update Character - Use this form to update information on an active character, including purchasing skills, changing description or background, and making any purchases from the various shops in Delimas.

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