The salty scent of the open ocean hangs in the mist-touched air of Delimas. Gently, the waters brush against the shoreline, whispering their lullaby to the stone and wood buildings of the city as the sun paints the sky brilliant reds, oranges, and purples. Even as night approaches, even as the first stars blink into sight on the eastern horizon, not all is quiet.

The docks continue to bustle with activity despite the fading light, sailors and dock workers bustling about hurriedly. Those off duty spend their evening in the numerous taverns of the district, drowning their worries in ale. At times slurred words are exchanged and fights break out. It is a common occurrence, and the regulars hardly pay it any mind.

In the Gilded District, aristocrats take to the streets in their finest dress and jewelry, off to socialize at parties or enjoy a night at one of the numerous playhouses. Some enjoy evening strolls through the well-tended parks, basking in the intermingling of the aromas of the many flowers and that of the sea.

In the market merchants continue to sell their wares as young men go about the task of lighting the numerous lanterns and braziers. As night reaches its fullest, the marketplace will be just as bright as it would durring the day. In the flickering shadows, thieves and cutpurses lurk, waiting for an opportunity to rob an unsuspecting mark.

And in the Traveler's Belt, hugging the outskirts of the city, tired travelers make their way into Delimas proper. Some are returning home after long journeys, some simply seeking a place to sell their goods, some coming to visit relatives or to finally see the wondrous place. Whatever their reasons, they are greeted by a seemingly endless selection of inns and taverns on their first entry. Perhaps the most prominent is The Drowned Hag, a large inn and tavern located south of the docks. The light in the windows is warm, cheerful music floating from the common room into the street.

Music in stark contrast to the dark doings in the city's underbelly...

Note From Staff - 12 April: Happy Easter! And for the game...Equipment has been finished and the races. Though the races page has not yet been updated, the details have been written down and will soon be up. We'll be working on classes next, so stay tuned!

Note From Staff - 06 April: Things are coming along well with the conversion. OlDManTime is steadily working on the classes and races as well as some other things to get this game going again. Nothing has been changed on the site yet, but once he has the final information down, he'll get them up.

Note From Staff - 03 April: We are back! Again we are going to continue working on the system convertion, but in the mean time, we will continue accepting character sheets for those who wish to make a character before the convertion is complete. Roleplaying is always welcome and could also count for some experience. If you have any questions, please direct them to via e-mail or feel free to contact a staff member in-game. Thank you.

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