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"What is a Godly response to domestic abuse for an abused wife?"
"When Violence Comes Home"
(An RBC Biblical Perspective on How to Respond to Domestic Abuse)
"When Trust is Lost"
(An RBC Biblical Perspective on Re-gaining Trust Again after the Violation of Sexual Abuse)
"When Words Hurt"
(An RBC Biblical Perspective of Verbal Abuse)

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What is Abuse?
What is Domestic Abuse?
Come and read my own story....
Come and read some poems on domestic and other forms of abuse....
What is a godly response to domestic abuse for an abused wife??
When Violence Comes RBC Biblical Perspective on how to Respond to Domestic Abuse and What to do about it!
When Trust is RBC Biblical Perspective of re-gaining trust after the violation of Sexual Abuse!
When Words Hurt - The Sting of Verbal Abuse
The 12 Signs of the Abuser
This is what love is....
This is what Love Isn't!
Different types of abuse
Do you recognise these symptoms?
The Cycle of Abuse, and the patterns of behaviour
Myths about abuse and the abuser
Read the reasons WHY victims stay with their abusive partners
These are your Bill of Rights...Please read them!
Are YOU in an Abusive Relationship?
Come see my Survivor Awards and Gifts for helping raise awareness!
Apply for my Gifts for Survivors and related sites....
Abuse and Survivor Links
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social worker - I am a survivor, and I know what it was
to be a victim.



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