Stacey's Page

This site used to be all about my favorite TV shows, but as I've grown and become a more rounded individual, Stacey's Page has changed.

I still write JAG fanfic and adore the show. You can find that stuff here:



Through JAG I have developed an interest in the military and during a dearth of decent JAG fic, I became hooked on the subgenre of the subgenre romantic suspense: Military Romances. Merline Lovelace, Suzanne Brockmann, Catherine Mann, Candace Irvin... You will soon find a page dedicated to these amazing authors and their works.


At Hollins University, I've joined many clubs. Some doomed to a slow and painful death (Circle K) and some that hang on despite lack of leadership, organization, or a convenient meeting time: HUGB, an unofficial Classicists club, and Foundation 42, which I ironically captain this year.


Hollins University Greek Breakfast
Hollins University Foundation 42
The cool club for classics geeks
The first women's only SFF club


I live on the Otaku Hall, specialty housing for women interested in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Anime, and Japanese culture. We have no website. We should. We're an active group founding many new traditions and performing many great deeds. The V.I.K.I.N.G.'s are coming. This site is marked for P.I.L.L.A.G.E.

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