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Do you have an interesting or useful website that you would like to share with other Roadster fans? This WebRing is dedicated to the preservation of the 1961-70: 1500, 1600, & 2000 Datsun "Fairlady" Roadsters. By becoming a member you will join with other Datsun enthusiasts, linking your web-sites together to form the biggest collection of Roadsters on the internet!

The only real qualification is that your web-site has Datsun Roadsters on it! Personal pages, vendors, and clubs are all welcome. Sounds like this is for you? Then why not join!


WebRing offers the flexibility of two different WebRing navigation devices.  Java-based navigation bar  utilizes a small bit of script that is easily placed on your web page. This bar is seen in the first example below. Unfortunately not much customization to the bar is available, but it's the easy way to go! 

The second option seen below is a regular HTML bit of code that you can tailor to your liking. (As long as all the required links are there) You can change fonts, colors, etc. to suit your page needs. If you would like to join and wish to use the second (HTML version) type bar, please drop me a note   after you sign up with WebRing & I will forward your new code. 

Joining up is easy ! Just click here  and follow the "Join this Ring" link in the upper left-hand corner. You will be required to sign-in and give the exact URL of page where you will be placing the WebRing nav-bar. 

Please make sure to copy the code onto your site as soon as possible - new sites are usually admitted into the WebRing within 24-hrs of site submission. Codes can be found under the "Manage My Site - Get Nav-Bar Code" links.  Sites without the proper code will automatically be suspended from the ring. 


***NOTE: Please do not copy and paste the WebRing Navigation bar directly from this page !!!
Each page has it's own unique individual identifier from WebRing - You must register with WebRing in order to be assigned  YOUR OWN unique code.
The Navigation bars shown below are actual working examples that belong to this page only. 

The Java-based NavBar:

The HTML-based NavBar:

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