Welcome to the Freezone

The Freezone is a coalition of like-minded individuals and groups who support the freedom of all human beings to practice L. Ron Hubbard's original philosophy, outside the formal structure of the Church of Scientology™

This website is my personal portal into the Freezone. I describe what has led me down this path, and provide extensive links into the Freezone at large. Within the Freezone you can discover ways to improve your life through spiritual growth. (Plus, we're a really nice bunch of people!!) Have a look, see for yourself, decide for yourself...

Last update: Feb 16th 2005.

Copyright© 2004. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED The Freezone Online. The Freezone Online is a non-profit association dedicated to the promotion and expansion of the technology & workable philosophy of Lafayette Ronald Hubbard. It is independently operated and is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with the Church of Scientology™, its affiliates, corporations management organisations, groups, CST or the RTC.

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