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Coon Rapids-Bayard (IA) High School Annuals are now on CD for interested parties (1941-2001). 
See graduates of other schools in Iowa at:


As we approach the 11th anniverary of this website, we have begun the process of migrating the data accumulated here to a new site based on Web 2.0 Technology - that is, a wikispace. At this new "community" site, anyone interested can actually post new information and updates, themselves.
Check it out:

All new information received will be posted to these new pages, only.

Bill Smith, Administrator,

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Class of 1950

Class of 1950 (taken from class composite picture):  Nancy Weaver, Neil Kult, Phyllis Nelson, Gary Cretsinger, James Wickliff, Lettie Whitten, Bill Kult, Jr., Naomi Rinehart, Norman Visner, Donna Belle Shirbroun, Marjorie Shirbroun, Ronald Strom, Althea Dorpinghaus, Antonia Garst, Ernest Beyerink, Bernadine Reid, Jerome Stangl, Marilyn Patrick, Alfred Davis, LaVonne Klocke, Lloyd Nees, Charlotte Christy, Darrold Carpenter, Ray McQueen, Mary Jane Davis, William Olesen, Jacqueline Williams, Mervin Hague, Charlotte Palmer, Jack Lloyd, Eileen Hovey, Gerald Tigges, Marie Miller, Franklin Sparks, Joan Kennedy, James Wagner, Darlene Grill, Phillip Patrick, Delores Clark, Don DuPratt, Bernice Pevestorf, David Annear, Joyce Shirbroun.
Transcribed by Ruth Jensen <>, June 2001. Thank you!

(from Enterprise, July 27, 1995 - picture of 45th class reunion, p. 8)
including Gerald Tigges, Columbus, NE; Jack Lloyd, Graettinger; Norman Visner, Hudson, WI; Bill Kult, Climax Springs, MO; Al Brooks, Albert Lea, MN; Don Bowman, CR; Doris Behrens Schultz, Corpus Christy, TX; Marie Miller Kult, WIlliamston, MI;
Joan Kennedy Cooney (, Omaha, NE; Bernice Pevestorf, CR; Charoltte Christy, Albuquerque, NM; Bernadine Reid Anderson, CR; Marge Shirbroun Mossyze, LeRoy, MN; Phyllis Nelson Peverstorf, Stratford; Ruth Davidson Ferguson, Spirit Lake; Joy Shirbroun Annear, Ida Grove; Jane Pierce Erb, Springfield, MO; Alfred Davis, Omaha, NE; Toshia Garst Lee, London, England; Neil Kult, Williamston, MI; Eileen Hovey Stillion, Tulsa, OK; Darlene Grill Moore, Waterloo; Naomi Rinehart Friedrichsen, Schleswig; Roy McQueen, Terre Haute, IN; Lloyd Nees, CR; David Annear, Ida Grove; Don DuPratt, Marshalltown; Ronald Strom, Sioux City; Gerome Stangl, Perry; Gary Cretsinger, Fruita, CO; Franklin Sparks, The Dalles, OR; Phillip Patrick, Freemont, NE. Deceased class members remembered were: Don Carpenter, Ernie Beyerink. Delores Clark Jahn, Janie Davis, Bill Olesen, Jim Wagner, Lettie Whitton Fee [Lettie Whitten Fee (deceased) Class of 1950; per Myrna Whitten Wulf, class of 1958,>, 22 Sep 2005], and Donna Shirbroun McCool. Only 12 members did not attend.

Class of 1951

Class of 1951:  Lee Arrowsmith, Luella Beyerink, Don Brooks, Robert Brown, Franklin Cretsinger, Neil Ferguson, Bob Ford, Dick Ford, Arlene Frank, Joel Grettenberg, Dale Griffith, Daryl Griffith, Kenneth Johnson, Louise Kanzmeier, Ruth Keister, Jane Kennedy, Bill Lloyd, Melvin Long, Wayne Lucht, Louise Lynn, Merle Miskimins, Tom Newcomm, Donna Patrick, Lorraine Patrick, Don Sorensen, DeloresSmith, Jack Stangl, Bill Wagner, Marilyn Weitkamp, Marjorie Wickliff, Janet Zumwalt.
Transcribed by Ruth Jensen <>, May 2001. Thank you!

Note from Ardie Annear Story<>, Class of 1953, Jun 2001: Please update class of 1951. Don Brooks died in 1989. Son's e-mail adress is

E-mail note from his son: Donald R Miller graduated in 1951.  Asked me to include his email address <>.  He currently lives in Inver Grove Heights, MN. You may remember him best as "Doc."

(from Enterprise, June 27, 1996 - picture of Grade 11, on Nov 15, 1949, p. 5)
may have included Frank Cretsinger, Lee Arrowsmith, Bob Ford, Dick Ford, Robert Brown, Bill Wagner, Jack Stangl, Melvin Long, Wayne Lucht, Kenny Johnson, Tom Newcomm, Neil Ferguson, Don Brooks, Bill Lloyd, Don Sorenson, Delores Smith, Arlene Frank, Marilyn Weitkamp, Janet Zumwalt, Louise Lynn, Marjorie Wickliff, Lois Tuel, Jane Kennedy, Donna Patrick, Naomi Larson, Luella Beyerink, Louise Kanzmeier, Ruth Keister, Lorraine Patrick

(from Enterprise, August 21, 1997 - pictures from joint reunions of 1951 and 1952, p. 10)
including Louise Lynn Wade, Madrid; Jack Stangl, Papillion, NE; Donna Patrick Tigges, Columbus, NE; Daryl Griffith, Dubuque; Dale Griffith, Omaha, NE; Don Sorenson, CR; Bob Ford, Indianola; Dick Ford, Fithian, IL; Wayne Lucht, Des Moines; Kenny Johnson of Santa Fe, NM; Lee Arrowsmith, Sarasota, FL

Class of 1952
(See addresses submitted at the end of this class listing)
From the yearbook, thanks to Dick Textor <> (Jun 2000):
I don't know how many of these are still with us or what the married names of some of them are, but here is the list from our yearbook....

Dick Alex, Kae Annear (Betts)<>, Cleo Betts<>, Leon Betts, Verneva Blanchard, Carolyn Bolger, Donna Bower, Barbara Brannan, Velma Brumback, Carol Christy, Joan Cory (Britt), Cyril Dorpinghaus, Lorranine Dorpinghaus, Carol Drake, Gayle Drake (Force) < > ,Roberta Ford (Keister)(deceased), Jerome Frohlich, Donna Gymer,Shirley Hague, Mabel Hart, Jean Herron, Jeannine Jensen (Subbert) < >, Marvin Johhson, Arlene Johnston,Nellie King(deceased), Keith Lee, Willard Lyons, Dean Luxford, Jack Meusberger,Donna Pauli, Norene Rains, Joe Reinhardt(deceased), Dick Rinehart (deceased), Jack Scott, Bob Shaffer, Hermis Sparks, Dick Textor, Louise Tigges, Darlene Whitefield (deceased) Marilyn Wickliff

(from Enterprise, August 8, 1996 - picture of Grade 8, on Nov 12, 1947, p. 5)
may have included Joe Reinehart, John Winnett, Dick Textor <>, Dean Luxford, Jerry Augustus, Jack Scott, Gordon Knight, Marvin Johnson, Wendell Augustus, Willard Lyons, Cleo Betts, Leon Betts, Charlie Spence, Bob Schaffer, Arlene Johnston, Lois Behrens, Hazel Knight, Norma Rudolph, Joan Cory, Leona Sigler, Gail Drake, Shirley Hague, Jean Herron, Geneva Blanchard, Darlene Whitefield, Kay Wheeler, Mabel Hart, Carol Drake.

(from Enterprise, August 21, 1997 - pictures from joint reunions of 1951 and 1952, p. 10)
including Jeannine Jensen Subbert, Guthrie Center; Donna Gymer Wagner, CR; Velma Brumback Lower, Guthrie Center; Louise Tigges Harrison, Ft. Dodge; Barbara Brannan Fisher, Sand Springs, OK; Bob Shaffer, Cedar Falls; Carolyn Bolger Conner, Glidden; Donna Bower Sorenson, Coon Rapids; Arlene Johnston George, CR; Shirley Hague Swedburg, Billingham, WA; Jack Scott, CR; Keith Lee, CR; Gayle Drake Force, Oceanside, CA; Dick Textor <>, Ellsworth; Mabel Hart Dimitroff, Milan, IL; Jerome Frohlich, CR; Carol Drake Drees, State Center; Marvin Johnson, CR; Willard Lyons (was not pictured)

From Cleo Betts<>:(Jun 2001)
Our home address is:  Mr/Mrs. Cleo Betts
                                        3706 Bent Oak Trail
                                        Elkhart, IN 46517-3871
                                        Ph # 219-293-5753

additions to Class of 1952 (Apr 2000)

Carol Christy (Humphrey)              Donna Pauli (Tromblee)
50 Pebble Brook                           2102 Orchard Country
Wimberley, TX 78676                     Houston, TX 77062

Update: 1952
    Willard Lyons is deceased.
    Leon Betts is deceased.
    Jean Herron is Peat -
From Gayle K. (Drake) Force

Class of 1953

Ardeth Annear <>, Bob Bolger <>, Duane Carpenter, Millie Davis, Cleo Dorpinghaus,Elois Dorpinghaus <>, Phyllis Duling, Donna Ford, Richard Gettler, Donna Hagaman, June Herron (June Herron-Lynch)<>, Shirley Hoeltzner, Romaine Honold, Velma Hovey, Dean Jacobsen, Jack Jacobsen, Etta Johnston, Kay Kennedy, Ralph Klocke, Bill Knoll, Delores McGee, Marilyn McGuire, Wayne Mozena, Claribel Olesen, Polly Parker, Larry Peterson, Don Roberts, Jack Seastrom, Bettie Lu Shirbroun, Jerry Simons, Gayle Smith, Tom Stangl, Gerald Stauber, Cathryn Stock, Patricia Thomas, Bob Tolle, Oral Van Sickle, Kay Wheeler, Donna Whitefield, Gerald Whitten, John Winnett, June Wurr
List provided by Larry Peterson <>

Note received on July 13, 2001:
A wonderful web site for us, that would like to get caught up on the news and

My brother, Martin Duling told me about your web pages.

Attended a class reunion, in Coon Rapids on July 7th with several classes.

Phyllis Duling Onnen
2665 260th
Dallas Center, Iowa 50063

thank you
Received the following note on October 25, 2000:
I stumbled upon your web site and thought I'd let you know that I graduated
from CRHS in 1953.
Worked at the Enterprise from 53 to 58.  58 to 60 in US Army in Germany.
Back to the Enterprise until 64.  Moved to Oregon and spent the next
20 years at newspapers here until retiring in 84.
Married for 33 yrs to Susan, a Nebraska girl I met in Oregon.  No kids,
just a bunch of cats.
Nice to see that someone has a web site for this stuff.  I'd like to hear from
my "old" classmates.
Larry Peterson <>
90986 Leashore Drive
Vida, OR 97488

(from Enterprise, July 6, 1995 - picture from joint class reunion, p. 9)

including Millie Davis Williams, Phoeniz, AZ; Polly Parker Blass, Guthrie Center; Etta Johnston Emery, Johnston; Gayle Smith Schultz, Adel; Kay Kennedy Duncan, Auburn, NY; Kay Wheeler McIntyre, Winter Garden, FL; Clairbel Olesen Sievers, CR; June Herron Lynch; Barnum; Betty Shirbroun Crees, Bayard; Lois Dorpinghaus Hilgenberg, Waukee; Bob Bolger, Baton Rouge, LA; Wayne Mozena, Lake Panorama; Donna Whitefield Coffman, CR; Jack Seastrom, Little Rock, AR; Gerald Stauber, Jewell

(from Enterprise, May 21, 1998 - picture from mini- class reunion in Las Vegas, p. 15)
Millie Davis Williams of Arizona; Pat Thomas Lyons, CR; Polly Parker Blass of Casey; Kay Kennedy Duncan of New York; Ardie Annear Story of CA; June Herron Lynch of Barnum

(from Enterprise, July 4, 1996 - picture of Grade 9, on Nov 15, 1949, p. 5)
may have included Don Roberts, Romaine Honald, Gerald Stauber, Jerry Simmons, Jack Seastrom, Wendell Augustus, Bill Knoll, Jerry Trucks, Dean Jacobson, Duane Carpenter, Richer Gettler, Jack Jacobson, Gerald Whitten [Gerald D. Whitten class of 1953 lives in Redfield; per Myrna Whitten Wulf, class of 1958,>, 22 Sep 2005], Wayne Mozena, Tom Stangl, Bob Tolle, Ralph Klocke, Cleo Dorphinghaus, Bob Bolger, Jim Molle, Delores McGeed, Beverly Brooks, June Wurr, Betty Shirbroun, Donna Whitefield, Gail Smith, Ardith Annear, Donna Ford, Pat Thomas, June Herron, Nancy Golay, Kay Kennedy, Marilyn McGuire, Betty Loushir Brown, Phyllis Duling, Velma Hovie, Carolyn Stock, Shirley Holstner, Millie Davis, Polly Parker, Donna  Hagaman, Claribel Olesen, Etta Johnston

Class of 1954

Class of 1954:  Bill Andersen, Laverne Barber, Judy Bigsby, Patricia Bundt, Dwight Betts, Roger Brannan, Carolyn Caswell, Dale Cornelius, Margaret Dorpinghaus, Janice Erb, Marjorie Frank, Mary Garst, John Grettenberg, Alta Mae Honold, Janice Howard, Gary Johnston, LaVonne Kanzmeier, Joan Kennedy, Ruth Ann Klocke, Douglas Knight, Karl Kretzinger, Barbara Kult, Carolyn Lee, Dick Long, Maurice Long, Derald Lyons, Donald Lyons, Angela McLaughlin, Betty Messersmith, Madelyn Minnich, Gene Miskimins, Neil Mozena, Edwin Pauli, Kay Rains, Catherine Ann Rees, Dick Rice, Donna Schneider  (now Donna Lee of Cranston, R.I.) <>, Jay Scott, Marjorie Scott, Darrell Shirbroun, Donna Sigler, Alice Skogsberg, Gerald Smith, Marilyn Stiller, Joe Smith, Kenneth Stock, Bill Stormer, James Tigges, Joyce Tuel, Leora Wagner, Sherry Wheeler, Barbara Young.
Transcribed by Ruth Jensen <>, May 2001. Thank you!

(from Enterprise, July 6, 1995 - picture from joint class reunion, p. 9)
Mary Jane Trucks Alborn, Bedford; Patricia Bundt McAtee, Kalispell, MT; Catherine Ann Reese Beach, Redfield; Angela McLaughlin Long, CR; Sherry Wheeler Christensen, Denver, CO; Betty Messersmith Nees, CR; Barbara Young Bresnahan, Des Moines; Ed Pauli, Murdock, NE; Joan Rayger Van Sickle, Esterville; Gerald Smith, Des Moines; Margaret Dorpinghaus Meis, Simi, CA; Darrell Shirbroun, Callender; Joyce Tuel Gruber, Ralston; Gary Johnston, CR; Marjorie Scott Jensen, Atlantic' John C. Grettenberg, CR; Donna Lee Scheider Delsesto, Edgewood, RI; Dwight Betts, South Daytona, FL; Alice Skogsberg Crane, Denison; Richard Long, Coweta, OK; Madelyn Minnich Moss, Lawrence, KS; Maurice Long, CR; Gary Hobbs, Runnells
Note From Janet Bigsby Palmer<>"my sister Judy died in 1976, but should be listed with the class of 1954."

Class of 1955
From the yearbook, thanks to Sandra Lewis Textor <> (Jun 2000):
Betty Anderson, Jerry Anderson (deceased), Leora Bell, Janet Bigsby Palmer <>, Betty
Butcher, Madelin Carpenter, Mary Christy (Mary Christy Leahy <>), Karen Cory (deceased), Phyllis
Coulter (Phyllis (Coulter) Simpson <>), Lanny Dvorak, Bryan Emery <>, Elwin Emery (deceased), Doyle Gymer, Shirley Hicks, Phil Hufferd, Kay Jacobsen, Ernest Knoll, Sandra Lewis, Donna
Lucht, Delores Luxford, John McLaughlin, Nancy Miller, Phillip Newcomm, A.
Richard Olson, L. Lynn Olson, Lyle Paulsen, Donald Pevestorf, Suzanne
Ridgeway, Genevieve Shirbroun, Jay Shirbroun (deceased), Ronald Smith,
Robert Sorenson, James Stangl, Larry Troutman (deceased), Janice Turner,
Nancy Wallace, Edwin Wheeler, Bobby Whitten

(from Enterprise, July 6, 1995 - picture from joint class reunion, p. 8)

including Nancy Wallace Grettenberg, CR; Phyllis Coulter Simpson, Mitchell, SD; Betty Butcher Surls, Lincoln, NE ( from her); Genevieve Shirbround Berg, Mesa, AZ; Sandra Lewis Textor, Jewell <>; Betty Anderson Emery, Granger; Shirley Hicks Newton, Zearing; Lawrence Madsen, CR; Edwin Wheeler, Newton; Dick Olson <>, Ponte Verda, FL; Leora Bell English, Warrensberg, MO; Phil Newcomm, Biscayne Bay, FL; Nancy Miller Schoon, CR; James Stangl, Phoenix, AZ; Marjorie Rudolph Lansman, Perry; John McLaughlin, Glidden; Mary Christy Leahy, Omaha, NE; Bryan Emery, Johnston; Donna Lucht Mozena, Lake Panorama; Ronald Smith, CR; Suzanne Ridgeway Dvorak, Carroll; Lanny Dvorak, Carroll; Lyle Paulsen, CR; Elwin Emery, Granger; Jerry Anderseon, CR (not in picture)

Class of 1956

Also see Class of 1956 page with many addresses, note from Marilyn and an old class trip photo - nostalgia!!
Bob Alex, Gary Alex, Gary Bell, Jerry Bower, Nick Buckley, Ben Chase, Marlene
Christensen, Larry Crisman, Kay Dorpinghaus, Keith Dorpinghaus, Melvin
Dorpinghaus, Marilyn Duling, Barabra Emery, Darrell Emery, Marilyn Emery,
Charlene Evans, Rosemary Frank, Elaine Golay, Donna Grim, Roman Halbur, Gary
Hilgenberg, Betty Hovey, Marilyn Jensen, Bethel Johnston, Billy Kanzmeier,
Gary Kult, Janice Knudsen, Mary King, Sharon Lee, Melvin Lewis <>, Helen Long,
Kenneth Molle, Kay Mclaughlin, Neil Mclaughlin, Hudson Patrick, Richard
Peterson, Evelyn Pevestorf, Linda Pingrey, Larry Rains, Glenda Rees,Charles
Robinson, Janice Schmitz, Janice Schumacher, Merlyn Seastrom, Carol
Shirbroun, Joe Shirbroun, Bethel Sigler, Walter Skogsberg, Neva Smith, Tom
Smith, Esther Stock, Richard Teter, Wilson Thomas, Peggy Troutman, Charlotte
Truhe, Dennis Wurr (list typed from annual by Marilyn (Jensen) <> Thank you!!

(from Enterprise, July 6, 1995 - picture from joint class reunion, p. 8)
including Helen Long Monthei, CR; Glenda Rees Motsinger, Des Moines; Kay McLaughlin Morrow, Ames; Rosemary Frank Weaver, Panorama City, CA; Dennis Wurr, CR; Larry Rains, Lake Panorama; Bob Alex, Santa Anna, CA; Kay Dorpinghaus Anthofer, CR; Keith Dorpinghaus, CR; Merle Seastrom, Westlake, CA; Linda Pingrey Long, Indianapolis, IN; Jerry Bower, Gower, IA; Peggy Troutman Eason, Scranton; Melvin Dorphinghaus, Mawmelle, AR; Richard Petersen, Orange City, CA; George Ohm, Yale; Joe Shirbroun, CR (not in picture)

Merl Seastrom ( Gary Seastrom
Mel Lewis, 3640 Willow St., Santa Ynez, CA 93460 < >
Marilyn (Jensen) <> Class of 1956, Coon Rapids
Address 2205 6th St SW, Altoona, IA 50009

Class of 1957 (names, addresses, pictures, stories, and more)

Class of 1958

Thanks to Karen Lloyd Luick (, Class of 1961, typed from her annuals:
Mary Troutman, Robert Clark, Richard Rees, Kathryn Weber, Neva Herron,
Shirley Brooks Weeks (, James Campbell, Betty Rudolph, David Textor, Karen Clark, Jo
Ann Emery, Roberta Palmer, Lorene Swarthout, Wayne Shirbroun, Ray Kinnick,
Tom Galloway, Mary Emery, Myrna Whitten [Myrna Whitten Wulf, class of 1958,, 22 Sep 2005, lives in Carroll],
Judith Hilgenberg, Albert Skogsberg,
David Hufferd, L'Vene Gustoff, Kathie Rudolph, James Smith, Jerry Lucht,
Jerald South, Joan Duling, Jeanette Honold, Nancy Campbell, Virginia
Carpenter,  Larry Alex, Janice Klocke, Jo Ann Hovey, Beverly Christensen,
Alan Johnston, Irene Anthofer, Bob McLaughlin, Jerry Honold, Corinne Truhe,
Richard Whitefield (mid-term graduate).
Jerald and Corinne South   <> added 1 May 2003

Class of 1959
(from Enterprise, August 8, 1996 - picture from joint class reunion, p. 9) Larry Bundt, Deer Lodge, MT (attended, not pictured) Denny Weddle ( (from C.J.Niles)

Thanks to Karen Lloyd Luick (, Class of 1961, typed from her annuals:
Susan Keister, Steve Annear, Carolyn Palmer, Gloria Arrowsmith, Greg Christy,
Karen Kopeska,  Larry Bundt, Jean Drake, Dean Drake, Charles Jensen, Audrey
Goodwin, Craig Crisman <> , Judy Schneider, Mark Pingrey, Dick Randolph, Ronald
Lucht, John Tigges, Joan Patrick, Dennis Weddle, Violet Meyers, Ronald
Beyerink, Gary Troutman, Kay Stangl, Ivyle Tolle, Rebecca Thomas <>, David
Thomas, Mark Kennedy, Kenneth Kundsen, Leslie Lewis, Josie Minnich, Charles
Headlee, Richard Lyons, Juanita Smouse, Jolene Schmitz, Mike Schoeppner,
Ronald Patrick, Janet Scherbring, Charlotte Schumacher, Gerald Offermann <>,
Dick Sailor, Betty Anthofer, Judith Toyne, Karen Shirbroun, Gary Chase, Lenus
Habrel, Dan Gettler.

Note from Susan Carpenter about Khrushchev visit in 1959.

Class of 1960
 (from Enterprise, August 8, 1996 - picture from joint class reunion, p. 8)

including Mary Ann Olesen Olsen, Vail; Geraldine Christy Thomas, Oakland; Sharon Thomas Spotts, Ida Grove; Jessie Reese McGuire, Cherokee; Juan Sorensen Wheeler, Newton; Dick Knudsen, CR; Junior Palmer, CR; Doug Owens, Blue Springs, MO; Dennis Heater, Otho; Jane Toyne Carsrud, San Diegeo, CA; Carol Carpenter Richards, CR (not in picture)

Thanks to Karen Lloyd Luick (, Class of 1961, typed from her annuals:
Robert Josten, Martha Brannan, Richard Knudsen, Jim Boston, Cathy Caswell,
Larry Cady, Dennis Heater, Geraldine Christy, Robert Augustus, Joan Smith,
Kyle Whitten, Barbara Hart, Marilyn Jordan, Junior Palmer, Lois McGuire,
Kathleen Becker, James Galloway, Karen Scott, Doug Owen, Joan Howey, Larry
Johnson, Dale Lewis, Loretta Anderson, Ray Robison, Jane Toyne, Ronald
Goecke, Judy Cretsinger, Tom McLaughlin, Sharon Thomas, Phillip Sauvago,
Roger Olson, Karen Lamp, Tom Patrick, Sue Ayers, Leon Thompson, Carol
Carpenter, Juan Sorensen.

[Kyle Whitten (deceased) class of 1959; per Myrna Whitten Wulf, class of 1958, 22 Sep 2005; corrected Jun 2008 Myrna email: ]

Class of 1961
(from Enterprise, August 8, 1996 - picture from joint class reunion, p. 8)

including Betty Peverstorf Harmon, Denver, CO; Carol Troutman Golwitzer, Dedham; Cheryl Goecke McNally, San Diego, CA; Betty Lucht Knudsen, CR; Alberta Janssen Buchwald, Wichita, KS; Mary Dorpinghaus Heisterkamp, CR; Sandra Chase Turk, Exira; Dick Hart, CR; Ronald Jacobsen, CR; Max Olesen; Donald Knudsen, Stockton, CA; Dewey Betts, Alta; Phil Coffman, Mesa, AZ; Mary Ann Hazelhoff Larson, Aplington; Carole Smouse Honald, CR; Charles Carpenter, CR; Jim Honald, CR; Roger Betts, Overland Park, KS; Mary Annear Burgess, Quincy, CA; Ron Antohofer, CR; Larry Albright, Guthrie Center (not pictures)

Karen Lloyd (Luick) at ( by herself

Thanks to Karen Lloyd Luick (, Class of 1961, typed from her annuals:
Kae Ayers, Larry Albright, Mary Annear, Roger Betts, Mary Ann Dorpinghaus,
Joe Arrowsmith, Sandra Carpenter, Ronnie Anthofer, Sandra Chase, Charles
Carpenter, Alberta Jansen, Gordon Headlee, Judith Grettenberg, Wendell Emery,
Kathleen Goodwin, Jim Honold, Connie Hofbauer, Phillip Coffman, Cheryl
Goecke, Dick Hart, Linda Lee, Ronnie Jacobsen, Karen Lloyd, Richard Lucht,
Betty Lucht, Louis Kirk, Mary Ann Patrick, John Thomas, Sharon Remele, Max
Olesen, Carole Smouse, Douglas Ridgeway, Betty Pevestorf, Carol Troutman,
Karen Trucks, Marla Williams.

Class of 1962

Joyce Anthofer,  Dennis Barber, Jerilyn Becker,  Paul Byerink,  Miriam Bowman,  Nancy Bowman,
Ronald Brower, Doug Carpenter (, Mary Dixon, Linn Flook, Lynn Ford, Lois Gustoff, Gerry Halterman, Jim Herbert,
Dave Huffman, Jane Jensen (me), Linda Jones, James Knobbe, Ronald Kopeska,  James Kracht,  Roger Lucht,  Karen Lyons,   Reino Miikkulainen (He was exchange student from Helsinki, Finland),   David Nelson,  Molly Nixon,
Arnold Palmer, Janet Patrick, Pat Patrick, Nancy Pevestorf, Mary Pingrey, Leroy Reineke, David Remund, Steven Roberts,  Tom Schumacher, Kay Russ, Judy Shirbroun, Janice Sigler, James Smith
Roger Smith, Sue Textor, Lynn Thorp, Ramona Truhe, Barbara Tuel,
Jolene Turner, Allan Yeager.      (My that sure was as trip down memory
lane.)   Typed by Jane Jensen Barlow <> Thank you!

Class of 1962 Reunion Info, Click Here

(from Enterprise, August 8, 199 - picture from joint class reunion, p. 9)
including Sue Textor Carl, Omaha, NE; Nancy Peverstorf Brutsche, CR; Nancy Bowman Owen, Audubon; Lynn Thorp Hallquist  ( (email from her sister, Kay), Anchorage, AK; Mary Pingrey Alex, Ankeny; Karen Lyons Jacobsen, CR; Douglas Carpenter, Clinton, MD; Jim Herbert, Des Moines; Linn Flook, CR;

Class of 1962 - Gerry Halterman - per Rich Schumacher
Class of 1962 - Jim Herbert.-  per himself 
Class of 1962 - Roger Smith - per himself
Class of 1962 - Doug Carpenter -
Class of 1963 - Linn Flook - per himself
Hi, My name is Jane Jensen-Barlow.  I was in the class of 1962 from Coon
Rapids.  I have been with Continental Airlines as a flight attendant for 30
years.  I now fly International routes.  I live in The Woodlands, Texas,
about 30 miles north of Houston.  I am married, my husbands name is Richard
Barlow.  Please add my name to the list.
    E-Mail address
      Address:  31 E. Autumn Branch Cir.
                The Woodlands, TX 77382
Class of 1963

Class of 1963:  Karen Andersen, Francis Anderson, Alan Bolger, Marilyn Bonney, Richard Brannan, Gloria Bower, Cheryl Bukoff, Tom Campbell, David Carpenter, Jim Emery, Larry E. Carpenter, Nancy Deeth, Alice Heydon, Doug Honold, Laura Gettler, Angellica Goldames (AFS), Trudy Godwin, Thomas Jacobsen, Harrison John Jewell, Joan Halbur, Ronnie Hart, JoAnn Lucht, Jim O. Olesen, Terry Hilgenberg, Gary Malcom, Mary Lou Powers, Mark Peterson, Donna Lee Kane, Jean Meyers, Kathleen Remund, John E. Reighard, Judy Offermann <>, Dwight D. Olson, Nancy Jane Schumacher, Janice Troutman, Denny Pierce, Bernita Kay Rudolph, Janie Wallace, Wally Wagner, Carol Wood.
Transcribed by Ruth Jensen <>, May 2001. Thank you!

Thomas Jacobsen ( Gary Seastrom
Class of 1963 - Nancy Schumacher Halterman - per Rich Schumacher
Class of 1963 - Linn Flook - per himself
From her (June 2001): Judith Offermann, 1364-D Whispering Pines Drive, Saint Louis, MO  63146  <>
From her Sept 2007: Judith Offermann (Class of '63)
Attorney at Law
100 South Central, Second Floor
Saint Louis, MO 63105

Class of 1964

From the Enterprise "Congratulations Class of 1964" insert
Richard Andersen, Janet Ayers, Frances Emery, Douglas Fick, David Beach,
Linda McCurdy, Daniel Tigges, Karen Goecke, Gary Gymer, Dale Rudolph,
Mark Hausman, Allan Lux, Charlotte Hutcheson, Ruth Schoeppner, Linda
Thompson, Robert Schumacher,Marilyn Bukoff, Janice Peterson, Jane
Sigler, Arnold Lyons, Dennis Flack, Shirley Shirbroun, Krystal Hayes,
Connie Crisman, Mary Pauli, Martha Trucks, Jaren Cox, Barbara Corbett,
Verna Palmer, Victoria Ford, Margaret Williams, Susan Carpenter, Thomas
Brannan, Mary Turner, Susan Schumacher, Joyce Sigler, Patty Halterman,
Stanley Augustus, Patricia Christiansen, Karen Grim, Bettylou Fick, John
Clayburg, Judith Dorpinhaus, Linda Shirbroun, Marvin Johnson, Wilda
Typed by Susan D Carpenter <> Thank you!

(from Enterprise, August 8, 1996 - picture from joint class reunion, p. 9)
including Mary Turner Fulton, Urbandale; Janet Ayers LaVille (, Ames; Connie Crisman Bandstra, Whittier, CA; Susan Schumacher Heinsen, Ankeny; Linda Shirbroun Honold, CR; Susan Carpenter (, Oceanside, CA; Janice Mozena Redshaw, Des Moines; Barbara Corbett Stryker (, Auburn, CA; Alan Lux, Lake Villa, IL; John Clayburg, CR; Bob Schumacher, CR; David Beach, Terra Haute, IN

Class of 1964 - Susan Schumacher Boyer -  per Rich Schumacher

Class of 1965

Class of 1965:  Stan Janssen, Trudy Lee Alex, Judi Dee Alex, Zoeanna Marie Herron, Diane Marie Bonney, Jan Robbins, Bob Mahan (, Paul Halbur, Van Toyne, Karen Sondgeroth, Dave Johnson, Vic Toyne, Jim Christensen, Julia Dyanne Anderson, Donna Bowman, Karen Smith, Greg Vaughn, Sharon Schumacher, Margaret Ann Smith, Martin D. Paulsen, Mike Thompson, John S. Lloyd ( ), Frances Frohlich, Sally Ann Hofbauer, Tom Rafferty, JoAnn Seastrom Jacobsen ( by Gary, Jean Pingrey, Dave Seidl, Dale Fick, Mary Elizabeth Thorp  (, Dick Boston, Larry D. Smouse, Richard Eickman, Bob Herbert, Kathleen Linn, Stephen Heydon, Kathy Bown, Tom Arrowsmith, Carol Kinman, Darlene Joy Smith, Virtus Offermann (see below), Doug Ayers.
Transcribed by Ruth Jensen <>, May 2001. Thank you!

New emails from Mike Miller, March 2002:
1965.....Dale Fick....deceased
1965...Paul Halbur....deceased
1965....Larry Smouse...deceased

Sept 2007: Virtus "Allan" Offermann (Class of '65)
20, The Vineyard
Surrey TW10 6AN

Class of 1966

Thanks to Shirley (Boston) Muhr for taking a view minutes to type this list (Mar 2001):
The following is the list of classmates.Address are from current listing.
1.Gordon Gymer  (925 Stage Coach Rd. Coon Rapids,Iowa 50058)
2.Connie (Olson) Gymer (925 Stage Coach Rd. Coon Rapids,Iowa 50058)
3.Steve Smouse  (711 Bridge St. Coon rapids,Iowa 50058)
4.Terry Augustus (429 E. 3rd. Glidden,Iowa 51443)
5.Sandra (Brannan) Toms  (R 525 E. 2nd. St. Glidden,Iowa 51443)
6.Wes Niles (120 West Randell Rd. Carroll,Iowa 51401)
7.Claudia (Thomas) Niles (120 west Randell Rd. Carroll,Iowa 51401)
8.Sue (Coffman) Mozena (209 Allen Bayard,Iowa 50029)
9.Marty Shirbourn (Box Moorland,Iowa 50566)
10.Beverly Chirtensen (Unknown)
11.Pat (Olson ) Linholm (1824 Warford Perry,Iowa 50220)
12.Douglas Pevestorf (Rt. # Coon Rapids,Iowa 59958)
13.Tom Smith (Unknown) T.K.(added by brother, Bill): < >
14.Duane Flack (Unknown)(10 years ago in Des Moines,Iowa)
15.Doug Slaybaugh (411 B Dalton Dr. Colchester, Va. 05446
16.Leland Hulquist 6117 Marda Ave. san Diego,Calif.  92120)
17.Nathan Offerman (31710 Joseph St. New Baltimore,Mich. 48047)
18.David Heydon (1027 Lincoln Ave. Havre,Mt. 59501)
19.Richard Emery (2391 240 th. St. Hamlin, Iowa 50117)
20.David Mozena (Unknown) (10 years ago in Iowa City,Iowa)
21.Charlotte (Messersmith) Haubrick (1018 Birch Coon Rapids,Iowa 50058)
22.Diane (Thorn) Buchman (30845 280th.St. Coon Rapids,Iowa 50058)
23.Shirley (Boston) Muhr (800 5th. Ave. Coon Rapids,Iowa 50058) email< >
24.Marilyn (Smouse) Heydon (136 Synder St. Bonderant,Iowa 50035)
25.Twila Anderson (Unknown)
26.Charles Chase (Box 592 503 N. Maple Minier,Ill. 61759) email < cchase >
27.Sarann (McCurty) Chase (Box 592 503 N. Maple Minier,Ill. 61759)
28.Marcia (Betts) Klinkefus (485 N.W. Aurora Ave. Des Moines,Iowa )
29.Connie (Beilke) Cain (Fairveiw Village Apt. Apt. F-6 610 E. 18th. St. Carroll,Iowa 51401)
30.Phyillis (Steamstrom) Grant (110 King Hwy. Middletown,N.J. 07748)
31.Connie (Simons) McKown (524 Aiken Ave. Rockmill,S.C. 29730)
32.Trudy (McCamley) Keely (Unknown) Moved to Tenn.
33.Mardell (Halbur) Walton (Unknown)
34.Donna (Winnett) Albright (901 Brown Gutherie Center,Iowa 50115)
35.Kathy (Hart) Albright (1002 Main Gutherie Center,Iowa 50115)
36.Stan Hoffbauer (191 290 St. Coon Rapids,Iowa 50058)
37.Eugen Reineke (608 Elm St. Coon Rapids,Iowa 50058)
Classmates that are deceased:Steve Jewel,Don Horn,Darrell Cox,Ken Ayers,And Diane (Hoffbauer) Killeen.
Some teachers Address
1.Mr. John Pitz (1506 Circle Dr. Vinton,Iowa 52349)
2.Mr. Willis Fain  (506 F Ave Nevada,Iowa 52201)
3.Ms. Frances Shipley (544 West Torrence Maryville,Missouri 64468)
Some classmates that moved before graduating with us,trying to find.
1.Mike Hazelhoff (119 E. Beach Fergus Falls,Minn. 56537)
2.Molly (Hazelhoff) Elliot (Box 161 Armstrong,Iowa 50514)
3.Diane (Pfeiffer) Cole (1020 South Bruce Springfield,Mo. 65802)
4.Kathy (Peterson) (In Calif.)
5.Sharon (Lengemann)
6.Ann (Josten)
7.David Madsen (Was in Des Moines,Iowa)
8.Howard Thielen (Was in Perry,Iowa)
Hope I covered everything. If not let me Know. Shirley (Boston) Muhr < >

July 16 note:
Hi Bill
Just wanted to update you on current address, from the class of 1966. They are as follow.
Duane Flack
304 2nd. Ave. S.W.
State Center, Iowa 50247

Nathan Offerman  <> Sep 2007

Connie ( Simons) McKeown    or for the next to years  Brad McKeown
613 Meadowbrook Ln.                                                China Project Kunming
Rock Hill, S.C. 29730-3730                                         P.O. Box 32414
                                                                                Charlotte, North Carolina 28232 - 2414
Email:bkmdkeown@Info Ave. net                or      

Sharon (Lingerman) Hall (moved, no know address)

Ann (Joston) Riggs
1226 Brintwood Dr.
Ottumwa, Iowa   52349

I helped at the Legion last Saturday night at th 50's and part of 60's reunion. I think it was a great idea. I had alot of fun. Seeing everyone, from old neighbors ,friends, and older class mate. That I wouldn't been  able to see, unless I went. I think everyone should do this again. Because most of our classes wasn't very big to begin with. Of coarse as we get older we loss a few. What a great way to see upper classmen and lower. The kids we grew up with and played sports with. So at my class reunion Friday night, I'll  talk to them, to see if we can have an all 60's reunion the next time around.
Thank You
Shirley (Boston) Muhr Class of 1966

>>> Lynn Mozena 10/10/07 1:49 PM >>>

I'm David's daughter and wanted to update his information. His address is:

David Mozena
12 Princeton Ct
Iowa City, IA 52245

Thanks! Love the page,

Lynn Mozena

Class of1967

Class of 1967:  Annette Louise Sauvago, Gregory H. Schwaller, Cheryl Jean Richardson, James H. Kinman, Connie Charlene Clark, Ronald W. Herron, Mary Beth Bowman, S. Douglas Cretsinger, Ruth Margaret  Brannan, Gary D. Bowman, Helen E. Stenstrom, Frederick G. Long, Jr., Stephen C. Kult <> , Marlene Helen Schumacher, Kathleen Mary Knobbe, David Donald Smouse, Richard Carl Schumacher, Janice Elaine Emery, Paulette B. Kracht, Kenneth Robert Schumacher, Howard A. Herron, Janet Lee McCurdy, Dorothy Kay Heydon, Roger R. Goodwin, Daniel John Seidl, Su Melissa McCarty, Joy Ann Bass, Steven Brannan, James Michael Troutman, Mary Jane Chase, Reinhard Merten (AFS), Sandra Sue Nielsen, Mary Ann Janssen, Darrell Dee Cox, Donald L. Nielsen, Carol Dee Andersen, Lois Marie Flook, Marcia Sue Ford, Ruby Fay Young, Diane Jean Duncan, Robert J. Sondgeroth, Molly Virginia Pingrey, Melissa Ann Nixon, John W. Thomas, James L. Eickman, Deborah Dianne Hilgenberg, Dee Ann Thorp, Burdette A. Christensen.
Transcribed by Ruth Jensen <>, May 2001. Thank you!

New emails from Mike Miller, March 2002:
1967...Ruth Brannan
1967 Connie Clark
1967....Darrell Cox....deceased
1967.....Annette Herron
1967....David Smouse....deceased
1967....Donald brother-in-laws e-mail.

Lois Flook Kary ( (from her)
Ron Herron  ( (from Kay Thorp Graham)
Annette Herron  ( (from Kay Thorp Graham)
(From Charlie Nixon) Mellisa Nixon Nielson, CRHS Class of 1967:
(From Charlie Nixon) Don Nielson (NielsonJH@
Dee Thorp VanDriel  (  (class of 67)  (from her sister, Kay)
Doug Cretsinger <>
Connie Clark Boston (
Su McCarty Hand (

Ruth Brannan McKenzie <>

Former classmate: Diana Corbett <>

Class of 1967 - Rich Schumacher - f rom him

Class of1968 (from Kay Thorp Graham)

The classes of 1968 and 1969 are going to hold a joint reunion (36 and 35) on August 21, 2004.  Classmates from 1968 may contact Craig Nelson ( and classmates from 1969 may contact me (  The reunion will be held at the Garst River House and friends of either class are invited to join us in the evening. Renee Robbin

Gwen (Moore) Childs <> now lives in Conn - see recent Enterprise front page story (Aug 2001).

Class of 1968:  Jane Bonney, Craig C. Nelson <>, Ronald E. Smouse, Deborah Diane Bauer, Nancy Kay Garnes<>, Gary J. Wurzer, Becky Mahan, Arnold R. Lamp Jr., Daniel W. Smith, Becky McConnell, Connie Colene Bower, Tony J. Bowman, Allan Malcom, Janet Sue Pingrey, Kay Lee Thorp, Larry Emery, Steve Golay, Rosemary Jean Arrowsmith, Marlene Marie Long, Joan Sondgeroth, Darrell Crosier, Randal E. Taylor, Rebecca Frances Davis, Janie Sue Remele, Gwen Moore <>, Jean Ann Hutcheson, Gary Seastrom, Greg A. Hachmeister, Cynthia Joan Bentley, Kristie Janell Johnson, Diane Kay Lengeman, Joyce Mary Sondgeroth, Brian Allan McClelland (AFS), Robbyn Olsen, Kathleen Ann Kretzinger, Joyce Ruth Halbur, Donna Rudolph, Connie Jean Grim, Thomas L. South, Jean Marie Stangl, Donna Smouse, Allen H. Free, Charles Hess, Janet Carol Lee, Connie Teter, Ronald J. Rafferty, Michael Olesen, Rosemary Tuel Paulsen, Donna Marie Andersen, Madonna Susan Schoeppner, Keane LeRoy Lucht, Michael Louis Miller, Marilyn Brager, Pamela Jean Kennebeck.
Transcribed by Ruth Jensen <>, May 2001. Thank you!

New emails from Mike Miller, March 2005:

Tony Bowman
Nancy Garnes Glasscock
Sam Garst
Kay Thorp Graham
Connie Grimm Maxton
Greg Hachmeister
Ron Smouse
Mike Miller

New emails from Mike Miller, March 2002:
Connie Grimm
Gwen Moore
Rosemary Tuel
1968...Kay Thorp
1968...Steve     (attended 12 years...dropped
out to join the army....I'd like him included if you would)
1968....Charles Hess....deceased

Rosemary ArrowsmithWilliams  (
Nancy Garnes  (
Sam Garst  (Sam
Arnold Lamp  (
Craig Nelson  ( ) new Feb 2006, from Mike Miller
Brian McClelland (foreign exchange student from Australia)
Mike Miller ( )
Ron Smouse  (
Randy Taylor (
Gary Seastrom ( by Gary
Ron Rafferty ( by Ron
Tony Bowman ( by Tony

From Mike Miller (July 2001):

Kay (Thorp)
Ron Smouse (new address)
Harold Thielen (Jefferson ,IA) < > per Mike Miller, July 2001
Craig Nelson (home) new Feb 2006, from Mike Miller
Connie (Grimm) Maxton....Shenandoah,
Donna (Schoeppner( Bremer) Holstein,
Greg Hachmeister....(Denver, CO)
Sam Garst...(update) Minneapolis,
Steve Golay...Perry, IA)
and, Mike says...
Other Classes....69 through 72


From Mike Miller, 11/1 2007:

Some updates for the class of "68".

Charlie Smith

Connie Grimm Maxton

Sam Garst

Nancy Garnes Glasscock

Mike Miller


Class of 1969

The classes of 1968 and 1969 are going to hold a joint reunion (36 and 35) on August 21, 2004.  Classmates from 1968 may contact Craig Nelson ( and classmates from 1969 may contact me (  The reunion will be held at the Garst River House and friends of either class are invited to join us in the evening. Renee Robbin

Thanks to Allen Bukoff:
Marcia Anderson, John Annear, Linda Arrowsmith, Rick Bancroft, Doug Bass, Jerry Bass, Dave Blanchard, Dave Bowman, Robert Brannan, Sandra Braukman, Allen Bukoff, Norene Coder, Gayle Cook, Joe Drake, Dave Eickman, DeLane Fick, Loa Ford, Elizabeth Garst (honorary graduate; graduated from Emma Willard School, Troy, New York), Mark Halverson, Myron Halverson, Pat Heydon, Dave Hilgenberg, Darlene June Hulbert, Judy Knight, Greg Linn, Janet Lloyd Mahan, Mark Lucht, Paul Lyons, Joe Mahan, Terry McConnell, Barbara Molitor, Mark Moore, Barb Nielson, Drexel M. Nixon, Nick Olesen, Kim Parker, Kent Penfold, Pat Remund, Renee Robbins, Diane Rudolph, Ted Schulze, Bob Sievers, Dennis Sondgeroth, Douglas Stottlemyre, Pat Sullivan, Mark Textor, Mark Thomas, Joyce Thomson, Robert Yeager, Gary Young

Former Classmate:Jay Corbett (

Class of 1970

Class of 1970 (from the 1969 yearbook):  John Brannan, Diane Crosier, Pat George, Jim Brown, Paul Davis, Carolyn Gravitt, Pam Child, Larry Duncan, Larry Grim, Robert Christensen, Maurine Ford, Randy Hachmeister, Danny Cretsinger, Rita Goodwin, Donald Halbur, Robert Hart, Kent Johnson, Kim Heiderscheit, John Kult, Pam Henak, Diana Lappe, Norma Heydon, Dale Lengemann, Bruce Johnson, Jinger Lloyd, Randy Molitor, Jolene Sauvago, David Stenstrom, Rick Olson, Paul Schroeder, Ronnie Stormer Rebecca Pierce, Larry Schulze, Valerie Stottlemyre, Tom Reiling, Larry Schwenk, Jane Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, Tom Slaybaugh, Linwood Tuel, Jeri Watrous, Rita Young. Plus Mark Bower <> added Dec 2003, sorry for the omission!
Transcribed by Ruth Jensen <>, May 2001. Thank you!

From Mike Miller - March 2002:

1970...Pat George
1970....Larry Grim....deceased
1970 ....Randy
1970....Larry [updated May 2007]
1970.....Linwood Tuel.....deceased
1970...Rick Olson....deceased

(From Charlie Nixon) Stan Bowman (
(From Bob Mahan) Jinger Lloyd Karp(

Class of 1971

Class of 1971 (from the 1971 yearbook):  Mike Annear, David Bancroft, Carol Arrowsmith, Betty Becker, Pat Augustus, Les Blanchard, Dennis Bonney, Debi Bowman, Janet Bonney, Ronald Bowman, Betty Boston, Vicky Bowman, Debbi Brannan, Jerry Cook, Laverne Bush, Terry Davis, Penny Child, John Drake, Maurice Duncan, Danny Gute, Nancy Eickman, Doug Herron, Daniel Ford, Lynk Hess, Ellen Heydon, Pat Hoffman, Diane Hickok, Dave Kautzky, Sandra Hofbauer, Linda Kennebeck, Jerry Kult, Sarah McCarty, Debbie Linn, Cheryl Moore, Deborah Long, Mark Oliver, Kathy Parker, Kris Prescott, Margie Patrick, Church Sangsuwan (AFS), Carol Pevestorf, Wayne Sheer, Wendell Sheer, Steve Schumacher, Laura Schoeppner, Dale Seidl, Margaret Schwaller, Mary Shirbroun, Randy Slaybaugh, Valerie Tuel, Barry Smith, Ken Vetterick, Jan Thorp, John Walburn, Jane Watrous, Chris Willenborg, Rebecca Weir, Joe Yeager.
Transcribed by Ruth Jensen <>, May 2001. Thank you!

Dear Bill,
This is Sally Garst Haerr. I thought I'd give you my email address. It would be great if you could add me
to the list for 1971.I am technically not an alumni of CRHS as I never graduated. I would have
been in the Class of 1971, but I went to Grinnell on an early admissions program
in the fall of 1970. Fortunately I graduated from college as there is no HS
diploma. Oh - and I've changed the spelling of Sally to Sallee
Sallee Garst Haerr <>

From Mike Miller - March 2002:
1971...Maurice Duncan...deceased
1971...Lynk Hess...deceased
1971...Marjie Patrick

(from Enterprise, May 9, 1996 - 25 years ago)
included Mike Annear, Carol Arrowsmith, Pat Augustus, David Bancroft, Betty Becker, Les Blanchard, Dennis Bonney, Janet Bonney, Betty Boston, Debbie Bowman (, Ronald Bowman, Vicky Bowman, Debbie Brannan, Laverne Bush, Penny Child, Jerry Cook, Terry Davis, John Drake, Maurice Duncan, Nancy Eickman, Dan Ford, Danny Gute, Doug Herron, Lynk Hess, Ellen Haydon, Diane Hickok, Sandra Hofbauer, Patricia Hoffman, David Kautzky, Linda Kennebeck, Jerry Kult, Debbie Linn, Debbie Long, Sarah McCarty, Cheryl Moore, Mark Oliver, Kathy Parker, Margie Patrick, Carol Pevestorf, Kris Prescott, Chukiat Sangsuwan, Laura Schoeppner, Steve Schumacher, Margaret Ann Schwaller, Dale Seidl, Wayne Sheer, Wendell Sheer, Mary Allyn Shirbroun, Randy Slaybaugh (, Jan Thorp, Jan Thorp McGraw  ( (email address from her sister, Kay), Valerie Tuel, Kenneth Vetterick, Jane Watrous, Rebecca Weir, Christine Willenborg, Joe Yeager.

Class of 1972(Enterprise excerpt)

Randal Shirbroun (Pres), Ronald McElroy (V Pres), Kathy Sievers (Secy), Christine Bielenberg (Treas), Tom Kult, Leonel Ruiz (AFS), Diane Hoffman, Dennis Hoffman, Gary Sondgeroth, Becky Annear, Roxanne Corsaut, David Davis, Cathy Tuel, Kenny Lee, Don Meiners, Rose boss, Mary Jane Nelson, Wayne Niles, Susan Andersen (Mrs. Danny Richardson) <>, Craig Stenstrom, Lynn Ayers, LeAnn Thompson, Kristy Parker, Joe Herbert, Jana Moore, Robert Anderson, Les Young, Rhonda Rickey, Rose Marie Hofbauer, Daniel Richardson, Sharon Davis, Paul Sondgeroth, Doug Lee, Donna Schwaller, Denise Bell, Duane Betts, Frances Herron, Kim Kinne, JoAnn Arrowsmith, Randy Schultz, Judy Brauckman, Connie Pierce, Tom Ritchie, Tim Pedersen, Rex Arrowsmith, Marilyn Boss.
Transcribed by Ruth Jensen <>, May 2001. Thank you!

including Susan Andersen (Mrs. Danny Richardson) <>, Robert Anderson, Becky Annear, JoAnn Arrowsmith, Rex Arrowsmith, Lynn Ayers, Denise Bell, Duane Betts, Christy Bielenberg, Marilyn Boss, Judy Brauckman <> , Roxanne Corsaut, David Davis, Sharon Davis, Joe Herbert, Frances Herron, Rosemary Hofbauer, Dennis Hoffman, Diane Hoffman, Kim Kinne, Tom Kult, Doug Lee, Kenneth Lee, Ronald McElroy, Donald Meiners, Jana Moore, Mary Jane Nelson, Wayne Niles, Kristy Parker, Tim Pedersen, Connie Pierce, Danny Richardson, Rhonda Rickey, Tom Ritchie, Leonel Ruiz, Randy Schulze, Donna Schwaller, Randy Shirbroun, Kathy Sievers, Gary Sondgeroth, Paul Sondgeroth, Craig Stenstrom, LeAnn Thompson, Cathy Tuel, Leslie Young.

1997 reunion of the Class of 1972, on July 19 at the Annunciation Parish Center.

Class of 1973:

Class of 1973 (according to the 1973 yearbook):  Peggy Pitzer, Tom McConnell, Karla Parker, Raleigh Shirbroun, Allen Heiderscheit, Doris Meiners, Darrell Bass, Monica Ford, Mike Hilgenberg, Phill deBoer, David Halbur, Dale Brink, Gena Coffman, John Davis, Susan Vetterick, Ed Golay, Maureen Lumsden, David Drake, Angie Shirbroun, Jim Reiling, Harlan Hamilton, Judy Thompson, Jeff Hachmeister, Lisa Heiderscheit, Fred Shirbroun, Becky Schroeder, David Halverson, Roxie Bentley, Joan Kautzky, Joe Dixon, Sandy Rudolph, Fred George, Chris Lewis, Joel Bolger, Jeanette Middleton, Tom Sievers, Linda Davis, Richard Wurzer, Lois Van House, Laurie Linn, Dwight Pierce, Cindy Herbert, Norman Dentlinger, Floy Sedgwick, Pam Knute Goodwin <>, Dewayne Starbuck, Sue Tuttle.
Transcribed by Ruth Jensen <>, May 2001. Thank you!

(from Coon Rapids Enterprise, 17 May 1973, reported in 25 Years Ago Column, p. 5, 14 May 1998 issue):
(including) Darrell Bass, Roxie Bentley, Joel Bolger(, Dale Brink, Gena Coffman, John Davis, Linda Davis, Phill de Boer, Norman Dentlinger, Joe Dixon, Dave Drake, Monica Ford, Fred George, Ed Golay, Jeff Hachmeister, David Halbur, David Halverson, Harlan Hamilton, Alan Heiderscheit, Lisa Heiderscheit, Cindy Herbert, Mike Hilgenberg, Joan Kautzky, Pamala Knute, Christie Lewis, Laurie Linn, Maureen Lumsden, Tom McConnell, Doris Meiners, Jeanette Middleton, Karla Parker, Dwight Pierce, Peggy Pitzer, Jim Reiling, Sandy Rudolph, Becky Schroeder, Floy Sedgwick, Angie Shirbroun, Fred Shirbroun, Raleigh Shirbroun, Tom Sievers, Dewayne Starbuck, Judy Thompson, Sue Tuttle, Randy Tuel, Lois Van House, Sue Vetterick and Richard Wurzer.

Class of 1974:
(From 1974 annual of Janice Bolger; thank you for sharing!)

Doug Anderson, Dan Anthofer, Craig Ayers, Dan Bell, Debbie Berger, Melanie
Bielenberg, Karen Corsaut, Debbie Cory, Cindy DeBoer, Randy Eickman,
Jolene Emery, Cindy Esdohr, Beatriz Fernandez, Dale Flack, Joe George, Ken
Golay, Neil Gute, Ron Haney, Dianne Herron, Ken Hoffman, Sarah Hopkins,
Bill Kautzky, Lora Long, Vicki Long, Amy McCarty, Diane McElroy, Pam
Olsen, Sue Oliver, Gary Opheim, Jeanette Reinhart, Ron Schroeder, Camille
Shirbroun, Connie Shirbroun, Donna Sievers, Paul Smith, DeLores Vaughan,
Jennifer Weir, Debbie Wurzer
Hi, I was surfing and found this web site. My name was Cindy DeBoer, now Cindy Johnson and I graduated in 1974. I was only there for my senior year. Thought I'd update if any one wants to know. My email address is Thanks.

Class of 1975:
(From 1975 annual of Janice Bolger; thank you for sharing!)

Mike Aguilar, Janet Anderson, Diane Anthofer, Pat Ayers, Cindy Baker, Mike
Bielenberg, Janice Bolger (, Jaxine Bowman <>, Michael Carter, Jayne Corsaut,
Charles Davis, Larry Davis, Randy Duncan (, Karen Eickman, Joe Emery, Laura Emery, Jon Esdohr, Debbie Farris, Rena Geiger, Joyce George, Dennis
Gravitt, Keith Hamilton, Kim Hamilton, Rob Henak (Robert R. Henak, <>), Terri Jackson, Joe
Knobbe, Scott Lloyd, Guy Loosemoore, Tim Lucht, Rick McCurdy, Charles
Nixon (, Ron Olson, Mary Jo Ramsey Pedersen, Terri Pedersen, Vicki Pitzer,
Rick Rafferty, David Reineke (, Kathy Schwaller, Mark Schwaller, Steve Schwaller, Kae Schwenk, Sarah Shirbroun, Nancy Stenstrom, Debora Stogdill,
Cecilia Trumbla, Paul Tuttle, Michele Wanninger, Sue Watrous, Jerry Yager

Class of 1976 (from Rick Halbur's 1976 yearbook)

Jim Annear <>,  Michael Bauer <>,
Christine Bary (AFS Student),  Janet Blanchard,
Annette Bowman,     Larry Brauckman,      Steve Cadwallader,   Susan Compton,
Mickey Corsaut ,  Christy Corson ,  Rick Doty,  Diane Drake,
Kevin Ducan,          Margo Ford,               Brad Golay,  Jack Geiger,
Rick Halbur (,   Doug Halverson,  Tony Hamilton, Jeff Heiderscheit
Connie Herbert       Ed Heydon               John Hoffman               Bill Johnson
Cindy Johnson       Patti Johnston           Tom Kautzky              Angie Kennebeck
Denise Klocke        Bill Linn                    Jim McConnell,  Karen McElroy
Darwin Pierce        Greg Pitzer               Sherry Rickey ( )   Kathy Sedgwick
Cindy Sievers        Jim Shirbroun           Jane Slaybaugh            Jeff Stenstrom
Debbie Teter         Rick Teter                 Deb Tuel,  Bev Wanninger,
Leon Wurzer ( )
Rachel Garst - I only went to CR through 10th grade - I
spent the last 2 years of high-school in a study abroad program - but now live back in Coon Rapids:<>

Class of 1976, after 30 years:

Back row - left to right: Bill Linn, Tony Hamilton, Denise (Klocke) Koester, Sherry Rickey, Rachel Garst, Darwin Pierce, John Hoffman, Rick Halbur, Doug Halverson
Front row - left to right: Ed Heydon, Jane Slaybaugh, Bev (Wanninger) Ramsey, Steve Cadwallader

Class of 1977:

Class of 1977 (according to the 1977 yearbook):  Dave Schroeder, Mary Esdohr, Cris Coffman, Becky Olson, Lars Ahlgren (AFS), Marty Oswald, Bev McConnell, Kevin Reis, Doug Lloyd, Judy Drake, Scott Schreck, Jim Schwaller, Mary Betts, Kerry Shirbroun, Linda Meiners (Young) <>, Kevin Pitzer, Mike Deeth, Sandi Bowman, Virgil Stogdill, Diane Wagner, Harley Herron, Dick Thompson, Maria Heiderscheit, Terry Garnes, Pete Shirbroun, Rhonda Kay Cory, Frank Prescott, Bill Henak, Debbie Bonney, John Nielson, Gayla Long, Doug Ramsey, Glenn Lewis, Tammy Smith, Danny Dentlinger, Cheryl Bowman, Ed Kautzky, Mary Lunsden, Neiva Pergher (AFS), Mary Hachmeister, Dean Schoeppner <>, Lori Lile, Ricky Barker, Virginia Tuel, Randy Doty, Chris Olesen, Patty Klocke, Jear Irlbeck, Kim Davis, Joni Golay.
Transcribed by Ruth Jensen <>, May 2001. Thank you!

(from Enterprise, July 10, 1997 - 20 reunion picture, p. 13)
including Dan Dentlinger, CR; Dave Schroeder, CR, Kerry Shirbroun, CR; Marsha Reynolds Vernon, Crete, NE; Patty Klocke Deeth, CR; Rhonda Cory Moore, Des Moines; Mary Betts Schwaller, CR; Gayla Long McCool, CR; Bev McConnell McCurdy, Fayetteville, AR; Deb Anthofer Wilkens, Tama; John Nielsen, CR; Marty Oswald, Madrid; Doug Lloyd, CR; Linda  Meiners Young, Madrid; Kim Davis tallent, Groton, CT; Sandy Bowman Anson, Phoeniz,AZ; Joni Golay Penfold, Boone; Mike Deeth, CR; Jim Schwaller, CR; Kevin Reis, CR; Mark Hachmeister, CR; Kevin Pitzer, Scottsdale, AZ; Doug Ramsey, Manning; Dean Schoeppner, Des Moines; Mark Lumsden, Willis, TX; Dick Thompson, CR; Bill Henak, Chanhassen, MN; Cris Coffman,  Norwalk; Rick Barker (address unavailable)
From email note:Zoe Ann Lamp Niswonger (

Class of 1978

Class of 1978 (according to the 1978 yearbook):  Chris Andersen, Wilts Cretsinger, Pam Ayers, Terry Dentlinger, Mary Jo Berger, Phil Fisher, Angie Bowman <Angie (Bowman) Bristol>, Bruce Gilbert, Brenda Cory, Brad Johnston, Judy Halbur, George Johnston, Nadine Halbur, Mike Klocke, Debby Hoffman, Brent McElroy, Zoe Ann Lamp, Kraig Reis, Jean Lumsden Mitchell, Steve Schreck, Debbie Moss, Jeff Schumacher, Debbie Patrick, Mike Smith, Lori Hoisington, Larry Nees, Dawnella Johnson, Mike Oswalk, Mary Kay Johnson, Dave Prescott, Robin Kirkdorffer, Chad A. Rau, Sandy Ramsey, Scott Taylor, Louise Sondgeroth, Doug Wanninger, Carma Sorensen, Joe Wurzer, Janet Wurzer, Jeff Yager, Karen Wurzer.
Transcribed by Ruth Jensen <>, May 2001. Thank you!

(from Enterprise, August 6, 1998 - 20 reunion picture, p. 10)
including Robin Kirkdofer Brown, Steamboat Rock; Kraig Reis, CR; Janet Wurzer O'Tool, Des Moines; Mike Smith, CR; Scott Taylor, Estervillel; Mike Oswald, CR; Larry Nees, CR; Wilts Cretsinger, CR; George Johnston, CR; Mike Klocke, CR; Steve Schreck, CR; Angie Bowman Bristol, Phoenix, AZ; Sandy Ramsey Eivins, Guthrie Center; Nadine Halbur Hoffman, Dedham; Karen Wurzer Blum, Ames; Chris Andersen Wernsmann, CR; Mary Kay Johnson Lendt, Boone; Judy Halbur Oswald, CR; Deb Patrick Smith, CR

Class of 1979 (from 1979 graduate Nadine (Klocke) Halbur -from 1979 yearbook)

[See Photo of Class on 1979 Reunion, taken July 2004]

Clarissa Accola     Karla Anderson     Sheilah Anderson     Randy Ayers
Reid Bowman        Michelle Cady       Michael Carpenter    Tim Corsaut
Charles Cretsinger  Kendall Dickman    Brenda Dorpinghaus  Jim Drake
Duane Esdohr       Carol Grim            Lesa Kirkdorffer       Nadine Klocke (
Karen Knobbe       Marci Kretzinger   John Larsen             Lori McElroy
Susie Miller           Jeff Corson           Laura Nees              Penny Patrick
Bruce Pitzer          Cheryl (Wanninger)Prescott                 Scott Rafferty
Joe Ross               David Schreck      Tom Schroeder        Gwen Scott
Kandi Smith           Tim Smith             Teri Sorensen          Tonya South
Randy Story           Kamol Suriyavisal (AFS Student)         Richard Vaughan
Kathy Wurzer         Patty Golz (AFS Student)

Class of 1980

Class of 1980 (according to the class composite picture):  John Grettenberg, Brad Pitzer, Mary Nees, Joy Nine, Pam Lloyd, Steven A. Cory, Mike Davis, Annette Knight, Lisa Wurzer, Barry Heiderscheit, Todd Prescott, Mary T. Smith, John Trumbla, Dierk Halverson, Eric Accola, Brian Story, Rebecca Barker, Thomas Klocke, Linda Brauckman, Patrick S. Fisher, Scott Miksch, Gene Emery, Jim J. Sondgeroth, Gloria Paulsen, Janet Halbur, Patricia Compton, Jodene Sorensen, Debra K. Cretsinger, Debora A. Drake, Jeanine K. Bowman, Beth McElroy, Renae R. Dais, Sue A. Simmons, Vickie Petersen, Jeaneth Echazu N. (AFS), Larry Hoisington, Catherine E. Scott, Jeanette Dorpinghaus, Kevin R. Dorpinghaus, Anne K. Oterhals (AFS), Beverly Ann Bowman.
Transcribed by Ruth Jensen <>, May 2001. Thank you!

Class of 1981

Class of 1981 (according to the 1981 yearbook):  Jett Alex, Kevin Andersen, Doug Anthofer, Denise Bonney, Kristie Bonney, Tony Cadwallader, Doug Cady, Richard Corson, Mark Cretsinger, Rhonda Dorpinghaus, Steve Fisher, Mary George, Sheryl Hartl, Evan Heck, Jeff Herron, Catherine Hess, Ann Heydon, Joe Kautzky, Shawn Kinman, Terry Lile, Peggy Long, John Merit, Angie Nees, Barb Nine, Ron Patrick, Michelle Paulsen, Linda Pitzer, Gwen Ramsey, Kim Reis, Allan Schroeder, Nancy Sievers, Lori Stenstrom, Pat Sweet, Jane Taylor, David Wurzer, Irene Huglin (AFS), Mona Joly (AFS), Shelly Specht, Val Lyons, Mary Reiling, Kathy Geiger, Tamara South, Lonnie Storesund, Gary Emery, Mark Huffman, Greg Reineke, Carlos Rosa Marin (AFS)
Transcribed by Ruth Jensen <>, May 2001. Thank you!

Barbara Nine Dunkleberger - having a 20th reunion, more information to follow.
Here is the list of members of the Class of 1981 (Taken from booklet from 15
year reunion held in 1996):

Jett Alex, Kevin Anderson, Doug Anthofer, Kristy Bonney, Tamara (South)
Bonney, Tony Cadwallader, Doug Cady, Richard Corson, Mark Cretsinger, Mary
(Reiling) Cretsinger, Shelly (Specht) Davis, Barbara (Nine) Dunkleberger,
Gary Emery, Steve Fisher, Denise (Bonney) Gehling, Kathy Geiger, Evan Heck,
Jeff Herron, Mark Huffman, Irene Brandle-Hugli, Mona Joly, Joe Kautzky, Shawn
Kinman, Terry Lile, Valorie Lyons, John Merit, Ron Patrick, Linda Pitzer,
Angie (Nees) Porter, Gwen Ramsey, Greg Reineke, Peggy (Long) Reineke, Kim
Reis, Rhonda (Dorpinghaus) Reis, Jane (Taylor) Ritter, Cathy (Hess)
Rottinghaus, Allan Schroeder, Lori Stenstrom, Michelle (Paulsen) Sterns,
Sheryl (Hartl) Swalla, Pat Sweet, Nancy (Sievers) Taylor, Mary (George)
Warnke, David Wurzer, Ann (Heydon) Zech, Carlos (AFS Student)
Thanks, Barbara!

Class of 1982

Class of 1982 (according to the 1982 yearbook):  Denise Wagner, Patty Wurzer, Teresa Boss, Mary Wurzer, Sepahlika Abeyesundere (AFS), Doris Anthofer, Scott Armstrong, Curtis Bentley, Cathy Berger, Connie Cadwallader, Dawn Cady, Linda Cretsinger, John David, Marty Davis, Monte Davis, Donna Drake, Sarah Fisher, Doug Halbur, Scott Hart, Ken Hofbauer, Kelly Honold, Brenda Kennebeck, Mary Kennedy, Lori Klocke, Paula Knight, Keith Kult, Dan McElroy, Tom Meiners, David Nees, Carl Pettry, Cheryl Reineke, Raynette Simmons, Toshia South, Julie Olesen, Mike Winnett, Mary Schwaller, Chary Alban (AFS), Jenny Garst, Shannon McConnell, Robyn Oswald, Kristy Kress, Jane Pierce, Jamie Wurr, Joe Lumsden, Bill Eickman, Mary Gruber, Chris Thomas Smith, Jill Jacobsen, Gina Andersen.
Transcribed by Ruth Jensen <>, May 2001. Thank you!

(from Enterprise, July 31, 1997 - picture from 15th class reunion, p. 11)
including Mark Gruber, Dedham; Carl Pettry, Carroll; Raynette Simmons Whitecotton, CR; Mary Wurzer Schmitz, Dedham; Chris Thomas Smith, Bayard; Linda Cretsinger Reis, CR; Denise Wanger Bell, Grimes; Lisa Halbur Beyer, CR; Teresa Boss Schulte, CR; Sarah Fisher, Las Vegas, NV; Monty Davis, Templeton; Marty Davis, Templeton; Julie Olesen Schroeder, CR; Keith Kult, Glidden; David Nees, Dedham; Dan McElroy, West Des Moines; Tom Meiners, CR; Scott  Hart, Grimes; John Davis, Ankeny

Class of 1983

Class of 1983 (according to the 1983 yearbook):  Jeff Anthofer, Jackie Hofbauer, Doug Halbur, Lisa Hartl, Kelly Armstrong, Zavette Schroeder, Bill Duncan, Stephne Knudsen, Jeff Frohlich, Gloria Shirbroun, John Johnson, Annette Heck, Mike Scott, Deb Troutman, Marty Gruber, Tricia Dais, Gary Miksch, Cheryl Sondgeroth, Jane Wurzer, Larry Young, Denise Beyerink, Joe Sievers, Barb Moss, Joe Shirbroun, Patty Long, Lyle Olesen, Jodi Storesund, Jacque Jacobsen, Maurice Baxter, Janet Hess, John Hachmeister, Jacque Lyons, Doug Richards, Sharlene Dickman, Ken Aguilar, Julie Wurr, Natalie Golay, Joe Hogue, Sue Paulsen, Dana Accola, Jane Reiling, Kirby Joe, Jerry Dorpinghaus <>, Monte Carter.
Transcribed by Ruth Jensen <>, May 2001. Thank you!

(from Enterprise, July 16, 1998 - picture from 15th class reunion, p. 12)
including Tricia Dias Hart, Grimes; Debbie Thoutman Starcevich, Pleasant Hill; Doug Richardson, Johnston; Janet Hess Rydberg, West Des Moines; Bill Duncan, CR; Jeff Anthofer, Northfield, MN; Jane Reiling Galloway, Des Moines; Kris Wanninger Vaughan, CR; Sue Paulsen Risius, Grimes; Cheryl Sondgeroth Manternach, Marion; Kelly Armstrong Toole, Omaha, NE; Natalie Golay Balukoff, Ankeny; Patty Long Dorpinghaus, CR; Jodi Storesund Rhodes, Glenwood; Lori Hildebrand Smith, CR; Denise Beyerink Richards, Johnston; Julie Wurr Ayers, Dallas Center; Jeff Frolich, CR; Lisa Kopaska, Guthrie Center; John Johnson, CR; missing from the photo were Sharlene Dickman Smith, Carroll and Lyle Olesen, CR

Class of 1984

Class of 1984 (according to the 1984 yearbook):  Tony Aguilar, Kent Andersen, Tim Anthofer, Ronda Brower, Brenda Colbert, Lisa Cory, Jeff Badger, Tania Ball, John Behrens, Lisa Dorpinghaus, Kathy Duncan, Chris Fine, Jill Frohlich, Doug Golay, Sherri Hart, Phillip Herman, Joe Johnson, Mark Johnson, Kaye Kennedy, Leroy Klocke, Kim Kress, Glen Knight, Autumn Knobbe, Kevin Long, Jim Lumsden, Shelly Namanny, Ronnie Nine, Tina Olesen, Randy Olsen, Rudolph Otto (AFS) Jerry Palmer, Brad Shirbroun, Gene Simmons, Kirk Smith, Trudi Storesund, Debbie Weeks, Jerry Drake, Jim Jones.
Transcribed by Ruth Jensen <>, May 2001. Thank you!

Class of 1985

Class of 1985 (from the 1985 commencement program):  Cheryl Marie Anthofer, Daryl P. Anthofer, Michael Allen Beyerink, Steven Trent Blanchard, Laura Lynn Bohling, Marie Jose de la Fuente (AFS), Sharon Marie Dorpinghaus, Jolene M. Frohlich, Kimberly Ann Gymer, Dale A. Halbur, Dennis Halbur, Jeffrey Jay Hartl, Annette June Headlee, Julie M. Hofbauer, Jane Emily Hogue, Kris Karrin Honold, Natalie Nadine Honold, Stacey Ann Huffman, Keith Scott Jensen, Natalie Marie Kanzmeier, Kristine Marie Kennedy, Kine Elisabeth Reiersen Langnes (AFS), Deena Kay Long, James C. Long, Jeffrey Lawrence Lyons, John L. McDowell, Joseph A. Meiners, Angela Ann Namanny, Scott G. Oswald, Kenneth E. Pingrey, Michelle Marie Reineke, Tracy Lynn Schoon, Mary Frances Schreck, Curtis John Scott, Michele Marie Acklin Schroeder, Jeffrey R. Shirbroun, Teresia Marie South, Mary Ann Spoo, David Paul Taylor, Kenyon T. Trimble, Denise Diane Troutman, Robert Joseph Wanninger, Deanna Marie Weeks, Sharon J. Wurzer.
Transcribed by Ruth Jensen <>, May 2001. Thank you!

Class of1986

Class of 1986 (accord to the 1986 yearbook):  Andrea Accola, Lisa Andersen, Duane Anthofer, Jamie Badger, Tracey Betts, Jenny Beyerink, Mary Compton, John Cory, Julie Davis, Steve Dentlinger, Patty Duncan, Chris Emery, John Frohlich, Arlene Periera Gamboe (AFS), Dan George, Molly Gruber, Gina Heiderscheit, Keith Herman, Brad Honold, Mike Johnson, Maureen Kennedy, Andrew Knudsen, Mary Lumsden, Vickie Lyons, Lori Marsh, Lonny Namanny, Alisa Parker, Mark Patrick, Yvette Pierce, Beth Pingrey, Kris Reis, Tom Schreck, Tommy Simmons, Janel Sondgeroth, Mike Thomas, Bart Tipton, Paula Verdier (AFS), David Wagner.
Transcribed by Ruth Jensen <>, May 2001. Thank you!

Mike Thomas, class of 1986
8760 N Maya Ct
Tucson, AZ 85742
520-579-0798 (Nov 2002)

(from Enterprise, May 9, 1996 - 10 years ago)
including Andrea Accola, Lisa Andersen, Duane Anthofer, Jamie Badger, Tracey Betts, Jennifer Beyerink, Mary Compton, John Cory, Julie Davis, Steven Detlinger, Patricia Duncan, Christine Emery, John Frohlich, Dan George, Molly Gruber, Gina Heiderscheit, Keith Herman, Bradley Honald, Michael Johnson, Maureen Kennedy, Andrea Knudsen, Mary Lumsden, Vickie Lyons, Lori Marsh, Lonny Namanny, Alisa Parker, Mark Patrick, Arlene Pereira, Yvette Pierce, Beth Pingrey, Kris Reis, Tom Schreck, Tommy Simmons, Janel Sondgeroth, Mike Thomas, Bart Tipton, Paula Verdier, Dave Wagner

Class of 1987

Class of 1987 (according to the 1987 yearbook):Tony Acklin, Mary Andersen, Michelle Anthofer, Richard Baker, Mark Bauer, Brad Bell, Marc Beutin (AFS), Mark Bonney, Mary Brutsche, Jennifer Colbert, Sharon Cretsinger, Peggy Dentlinger, Susan Dentlinger, Jason Dorpinghaus, Scott Frohlich, Bill George, Jon Gymer, Jason Headlee, Julie Hess, Chad Hofbauer, Tony Hofbauer, Jeff Honold <JHONOLD@FARNER-BOCKEN.COM > , Julie Jones, Adam Kanzmeier, Gail Klocke, Bobbie Jo Knobbe, Drew Knudsen, Denise Kraft, Kendra Kress, Jeff Miksch, Amy Mozena, Tim Murrane, Richie Namanny (deceased), Brian Olesen, Dawn Olesen, Bobbe Olesen, Miriam Perez (AFS), Jason Ritchie, Mike Rudolph, Dena Schoon, Marcy Schroeder, Carol Scott, Karen Sheer, Morgan Sheer, Julie Shirbroun, Angie Sigler, Dan Smith, David Spoo, Bobby Story, John Story, Pam Teter, Tami Trimble, John Wanninger, David Wolf.
Transcribed by Ruth Jensen <>, May 2001. Thank you!

(Enterprise excerpt)
including Tony Acklin, Mark Anderson, Michelle Anthofer, Richard Baker ( head of organizing our class reunion), Mark Bauer, Brad Bell, Marc Beutin, Mark Bonney, Mary Brutsche Andersen (, Jennifer Colbert, Sharon Cretsinger, Peggy Dentlinger, Susan Dentlinger, Jason Dorpinghaus, Scott Frohlich, Bill George, Jon Gymer, Jason Headlee, Julie Hess, Chad Hofbauer, Tony Hofbauer, Jeff Honald, Julie Jones, Adam Kanzmeier, Gail Klocke, Bobbi Jo Knobbe, Drew Knudsen, Denise Kraft, Kendra Kress, Jeff Miksch, Amy Mozena, Tim Murrane, Richie Namanny, Brian Olesen, Dawn Olesen, Bobby Olesen, Miriam Perez, Jason Ritchie, Mike Rudolph, Dena Schoon, Marcy Schroeder, Carol Scott, Karen Sheer, Morgan Sheer, Julie Shirbroun, Angie Sigler, Dan Smith, David Spoo, Bobby Story, John Story, Pam Teter, Tami Trimble, John Wanninger, David Wolf.

Class of 1988

Class of 1988 (according to the 1988 yearbook):  Gwendolyn Kae Gymer, Michael Dennis Wurr, Jodi Renee Fick, Dana Jean Ramsey, Melissa Ann Alex, Albert Troy Allen, Jeffrey Paul Andersen, Linda Kay Anthofer, Jason Alan Bolger, Molly Bote, Todd Eric Burgett, Melissa Dee Carpenter, Lisa Kim Christensen Jose Kaster Daenen (AFS), Marty J. Dorpinghaus, Jeffery Dale Downing, Angela Ann Duscheck, Douglas M. Duscheck, Troy Lynn Eischeid, Andrea Carolyn Fine, Eva Maria Glanz (AFS), Brenda Lee Hart, Pamela Ann Haubrich, Sonya Dee Hay, Jill Diane Headlee, Deanna Lynn Heisterkamp, Nathan Herman <>, Amy Elaine Hollesen, Carey Lee Huffman, Patrick Christian Hyland, Kurt Alan Jensen <>, Timothy Lewis Jurgens, Aaron Lynn Kenyon, Julie Kae Lumsden, Heather Marie McAlister, John Alan Meshek, Tina Louise Mozena, James Dean Nine, Jerry Dean Olesen, Joan Marie Paulsen, Lesa Maree Ragan, Janell Janice Shirbroun, Justin Shane South, Denise Marie Spoo, Todd Anthony Thorn, Kathleen Rose Tiernan <Kathleen (Tiernan) Sassman ->, John Arthur Tigges, Bret T. Tipton (deceased), Dean Joseph Wallace, Mark Allen Winnett.
Transcribed by Ruth Jensen <>, May 2001. Thank you!

(from Coon Rapids Enterprise, 12 May 1988, reported in 10 Years Ago Column, p. 5, 7 May 1998 issue):
Melissa Alex, Albert Allen, Jeffrey Andersen, Linda Anthofer, Jason Bolger, Molly Bote, Todd Burgett, Melissa Carpenter, Lisa Christensen, Jose Daenen, Marty Dorpinghaus, Jeffery Downing, Angela Dusheck, Douglas Dusheck, Troy Eischeid, Jodi Fick, Andrea Fine, Eva Glanz, Gwen Gymer, Brenda Hart, Pam Haubrich, Sonya Hay, Jill Headlee, Deanna Heisterkamp, Nathan Herman <>, Amy Hollesen, Carey Huffman, Patrick Hyland, Kurt Jensen, Timothy Jurgens, Aaron Kenyon, Julie Lumsden, Heather McAlister, John Meshek, Tina Mozena, James Nine, Jerry Olesen, Joan Paulsen, Lesa Ragan, Dana Ramsey, Janell Shirbroun, Justin South, Denise Spoo, Todd Thorn, Kathleen Tiernan <Kathleen (Tiernan) Sassman -> , John Tigges, Bret Tipton, Dean Wallace, Mark Winnett and Michael Wurr.

"Hi there,
My name is José Daenen. I was surfing the web and I found your page. I was a foreignexchange student from Holland from 1987-1988 in Coon Rapids. I had a great year staying with the Stone family in Bayard. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading your site and I will continue to visit it in the future.
Many regards,
José - "j.k.daenen" <>" Told him I would share it on the web site, here.
If you remember him, hope you'll send him a note! Bill

Coon Rapids-Bayard (IA) High School Annuals are now on CD for interested parties (1941-2001). 

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