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please close out the yahoo sidebar add-on on your right"cresendo player needed if you want to hear background music"this e-book "THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPERS DAUGHTER"is a new concept,it includes music and a nice background,it is about island life off Massachustts in the late 19th century.It has two main charaters,they are young lovers.This story will enchant you with hardships of Island living back then from taking you right to the dealing with the boatwreck victims and the local island lifeboat rescue crew to dealing with the facts of UNUSUAL GHOST SIGHTINGS,GHOSTSHIPS,GHOST PYRATES.This book is part horror,part fiction and part fact.It is also a LOVE STORY.the ad on the right disappears in seconds wait..this story is constantly corrected for the better dear friends please enjoy and watch the changes!!!send any suggestions to my e-mail!
a book by Skihippy "still under construction and not proof read yet..enjoy"TURN ON SPEAKERS low

The Lighthouse Keepers Daughter
It is chilly and a storm is just breaking on this New England morning here on Breezy Point Island.A bustling little island community 24 miles out to sea off the coast of Massachusetts.Normally all 324 residents are up and about readying for another day of fishing and the tedious support that goes along with it.You see for every fisherman theres is at least give or take 10 people behind him doing everything from pre-paring the boats to mopping the fish house floors to shipping to cooking a warm dinner.
Now schooling for the children was just as tough as the kids were ferried back and forth to the mainland everyday"weather permitting".It was the law though and every kid had to be schooled as they said it back then SCHOOLED!!!.Most dropped out as soon as possible to help the family or the burden of not being scholastically competent to keep up with their peers was too overwhelming.The poverty was something else but then again in 19th century New England with so many immigrants poverty was everywhere"people never realized then how lucky they were to be here".

"Dam it boy pull harder"screamed old Scoobert.The tide was washing everything out as fast as it came in.Another shipwreck on the rocky coast meant for a day of salvaging.Even if it meant a bit of goriness for the working children to see.Goriness that included bodies washing ashore.The Island Lifeboat resue crew could not always make the rescue`s of passengers and crews of ships breaking up as they themselves faced swamping waves.The Island Life-Boat service was a service that was around way before the Coast Guard and all seashore communities had their team of volunteers sort of like the local fire departments.Many islanders perished giving their lives in heroic efforts to rescue the doomed.But on the other hand some very handsome rewards from the shipping insurance companies could be gotten here.

Old Scoobert was the un-official salvage master on the old island.What he said, goes, family tradition passed on.Everyone on the island had their roles.Even the poorest and rowdiest had there roles.They all became heroes at these times.The cleaning up the beach part was the icing on the cake.The heart-aches for the family's of the drowned were only to begin.Our little island experienced shipwrecks weekly.The sea is savage and will beat the clothes right off of you.The children unfortunately were always refreshed of the horrors of a stormy sea nite when a Captain would fail to see the lighthouse on time.

The waves tasted good in Wilbur`s mouth "almost breakfast!" he thought.He looked over at Cinthia (the lighthouse keepers daughter) helping her dad hook some wooden crates.She wouldn`t even look at him.Her dad was also in charge of the inventory and cataloging of items for official use.Every one had there roles.
Wilbur was the Ministers son but on the wild side,he was the most eligible and handsomest lad around with long waist lenght curly brown hair kept in a pony tail,dark and weather beaten skin.He alway`s wore a brown leather hat
and white shirts with blossuming sleeves and half pants no matter what the weather.All the girls wanted the minister`s son who was shy but not weak and was also not afraid of the sea.He was a most able seaman himself for a lad.He had a teen-age crush on Cinthia but was embarassingly too shy to say anything.Cinthia knew though and being a young girl her-self had an eye on young Wilbur which only made Wilbur more shy.So when she caught Wilbur looking at her she would giggle to herself and she knew she had everything under control in her women way.
Wilbur`s father was further down the shore adminstering last rites to the poor drowning victims.His mother was with Cinthia`s mom making coffee in the Scoobert`s house for the crew.The mothers decided the fate of the young on the island,who would marry who.All the usual wishing as they knew that most young men would be lucky to survive the sea in those days of wooden craft and paper maps that were out-dated.You could only steer by the stars if you could see them.
There was no weather forecasting,a gale could arise anytime and wash your loved one overboard and bear the sea down on the boat so hard that all would be lost.

Wilbur`s mom hoped he would go into the ministry.Cinthia`s mom hoped Cinthia would find a boy that wasn`t a seaman.Maybe another Lighthouse keeper,or a landlubber anything but the sea.Both mothers knew however the Sea was in there children's blood.A sad affair in there hearts and minds.
"ALL RIGHT MEN!THATS A DAY"called Scoobert."YOUR BUY`N TONITE! MATE !!!"hollered one of the locals.The work was done here.The rescue boat was put away.Back to work on there own fishing vessels the heroes went.Then a night at the tavern was in store!!!

For the children one thing was for sure...they were headed to the rope swing and another day of skinnydipping.Ah skinyydipping,thats where Wilbur`s ego crushed by Cinthia.Cinthia was not the least introverted.Wilbur`s father always drove in to him that it was an Evil.You must hide your body and be ashamed.On the other hand Cinthia and most of the kids just laughed at Wilbur`s inhibition and frolicked innocently naked in the waters.Most people around the country did it in the early 20th century.Who knows,maybe from the beggining of time as far as Wilbur was concerned.Oh but the nudity battle in his mind left him torn.So to see Cinthia strutting by Wilbur in the nude was intimidation to him.She knew it and toyed with him.She also knew he loved it. Later on before dusk as Wilbur passed Cinthia`s house on his way back home,young Cinthia`s watchful eye caught Wilbur from her garden as he walked by the lighthouse grounds.The road was dusty and he found a tin can and began kicking it down the road,his dog Banjo would get it bring it back to him and chase it again.He tried not to look at Cinthia but couldn`t resist.Then to make matters worse,while Cinthia caught him peeking Banjo tripped him to Cinthia`s amusement."Damn YA Banjo"Wilbur yelled out as he picked himself up and ran chasing Banjo down the street.

The sun started warming up the island the next morning considerably as the storm broke up.... but another one was on the way!
The rain clouds were coming in close.The children only had to be shuffled a few more miles to the island.The Sea`s were rising so fast old Scoobert had to calm the kids down.Cynthia was at the bow,Wilbur at the stern.The other children in between.Cinthia and Wilbur exchanged glances,almost smiles.Wilbur would turn the boat into the giant waves to avoid swamping in exchange for relentless splashing of water on the passengers.Cinthia was not afraid.Cinthia had faith in Wilbur`s judgment of the waters but she always knew no man controlled his own destiny on the Sea.Beside`s old Scoobert was with them and was an able bodied Seaman.
They went for the last few miles bracing for the worst but alas.The children made it to shore.Off into the worried mothers arms the children flew.Off to sanctuary with a nice cup of soup.Away from the pounding rains.
Cynthia was cold and wet,she hurried to the lighthouse hoping to see her Dad.She wanted to tell him everything about her voyage back from school.Cinthia was very close to her old man.She knew that he was the closest thing to a weatherman also.
Without even changing clothes she ran into fathers arms at the top of the long winding stairs.Her dad had been busy pacing back and forth,peering with his binoculers every now and then into the darkness setting about.The light was spinning its same old pace.Piercing its 2 flashes first to the north,then proceeding clock wise warning away the weary travelers from our rocks.The buoy bells were ringing like crazy as tides were rushing in being blown by the sudden northeaster.Cinthia was proud of her dad.She knew he was an important man who held the lives of many people in his hands,She knew this Man of the Sea loved his responsibility with passion.He was a hero in his daughter`s eyes.
"OH Father!"Cinthia cried out"it was horrible daddy,i could-n`t wait to get to shore"she said."but Wilbur was great with his fine sailing Old Scoobert kept the kids calm"."I was watching you darling and hoping for the best"said her father"that young lad Wilbur is a fine sailor Young Cinthia"Cinthia sighed to herself when her dad said this.Almost smiling she turned to her dad and said "Daddy i am going to change and i`ll bring you back something hot Bye Daddy"as she raced down the long and winding stair`s"Don't run on the stair`s"her dad called out as she disappeared out the bottom door.She darted across the lawn thru the rain into their house.
Cinthia`s mom said"slow down girl"as Cinthia came racing into her house."go change now and draw a bath"she ordered Cinthia."Yes Mommy"Cinthia replied as she hurried along up the stairs
to her room.Her room was huge and had a view of the road past her house from one window and a view of her fathers light house and the Sea from the other window.She could spy on Wilbur walking down the road from her room she always thought.
Cinthia was trying to hold a thought for the last few minutes.She was in heaven for her father had said one thing she had been dying to hear.She changed rapidly.She started to warm up and went down the stairs for a cup of soup.
"OH Mother it was the scariest trip home yet but i knew i was safe though"rather odd her mother thought to her self for her daughter to say the safe stuff "I know dear i waited and worried the whole time""I do wish you would change your mind and live with my sister while school is on dear".Cinthia`s mom knew that would never happen for Cinthia`s love for her father was great and not to be touched!out of the question but a good question when thinking of Cinthia`s welfare.
Cinthia wanted to say it but couldn`t.The thought she was holding was her Father`s approval of Young Wilbur`s seamanship.To Cinthia it was almost like her daddy saying he is a fine young man for you my daughter.Thousands of thought`s raced thru her happy mind as she dreamed of the possibility`s that could happen.
The funniest part was that Wilbur had no idea what Cinthia was planning or thinking as she worked her women`s magic around him.As far as he was concerned Cinthia only tolerated him.His heartached for Cinthia but she scarcely gave him the time of day.But she knew perfectly well what she was doing.She would give him just enough to keep him interested like the baiting and catching of a fish....the storm was bearing down now,the rain was beating so hard that it made good napping weather for Cinthia..

The Big Dance As most of the island residents were Finnish,excepting a few survivors from shipwrecks who decided to stay on because of the hospitality or other reasons.Well life
held one great fun night a week for the islanders.The traditional Saturday night dance, brought from the old country.
The women would all bring potluck food while`st the menfolk would make sure their was plenty of firewood and entertainment and spirit`s.
Dressing up in their finest was mandatory.
Cinthia and her girlfriends,Marie and Karen and Kristol were always the perfect hostess`es at the dance`s.Wilbur and his friend Aaron were always the young eligible bachelors.Wilbur was shy,very handsome,with long flowing brown locks of hair and lovesick for his Cinthia.He didn`t like dancing too much but his friend Aaron was always asking Marie and Kristol up their on the floor.
The girls asked Cinthia if she was going to dance with Wilbur much"No maybe one or two to-nite"she giggled to them.They giggled back,Marie and Karen knew Cinthia had a crush on Wilbur but they pretended not to know.
After the first break Wilbur came over to get a bite to eat where he mingled with Kristol."So how are you tonight?"he asked.She replied"fine Wilbur and might you be dancing with Cinithia?"Wilbur waited a second,looked over at all the food,looked back at her and replied"Why?was she asking about me Kristol?"Krystol looked over at Marie and and with a girlish giggle said"you might try asking her!!!"rather bluntly.Wilbur got the hint and just drifted away from the girls only to find solace in the nice selection of food.
"Hey whats happening"said Aaron to Wilbur as he dashed up to him to grab food himself."Well Aaron i think i am going to ask Cinthia to dance with me the next time the band play`s"said Wilbur.Wilbur headed over to a dining table to sit and eat as Aaron followed and joined him.
After sitting down to eat, the boys on one side of the room and the girls on the other side and all of them pretending the grownups didn`t exist started getting restless for a good dance.
Old Scoobert and his brothers made up a fine band with accordions and banjo`s and whistles doing old Finnish tunes and new sailing songs.Cinthia`s favorite song was called "Johanna` come sail with me" and she always asked for it and always longed for Wilbur to dance to it with her which he never did.Tonight would be different to her surprise though.
As peer pressure mounted on Wilbur to be man enough to ask Cinthia for a dance as Aaron convinced him.Aaron was so sick of Wilbur talking so much about about Cinthia and his being to shy to talk to her just pushed Wilbur along.Wilbur got the guts finally.
Wilbur made his way through the full dance floor right up to Cinthia and
took a deep breath and said"Excuse me Cinthia but may i have the pleasure of this dance"stumbling all over the words he was so relieved he finally asked her but he expected the BIG NO!!!
Cinthia looked at Wilbur then at her girlfriends who were giggling and making motions for her to go for it.Aaron couldn`t believe it but was ecstatic and motioned Wilbur to stay on it.
Cinthia looked up at Wilbur and said "Yes i would be happy to dance with you Wilbur".
Wilbur grabbed her hand and gently pulled her on the dance floor being careful not to bump into the other dancers.Old Scoobert seeing them two together on the dance floor winked at Cinthia when she looked at him.
It was dream come true for Cinthia,her favorite song,her favorite beau"but he didn`t know it".
Wilbur held her tight as if it was the last time he would get a dance with her.Little did he know.The song seemed to last a life time.As it ended another song came on but shy Wilbur foolishly led Cinthia back to her table.Cinthia was shattered and happy.How come Wilbur didn't keep dancing with her.She was thinking maybe a good long talk with him would straighten him out.She was panicking.What was happening to Cinthia`s way of doing things to keep Wilbur hers.
Everything was falling apart.Poor Cinthia`s cool composure was shattered with one dance with Wilbur.It took one dance of him holding her oh so tight.She had it all and it was unwinding,her calmness for Wilbur anyway.She wanted to tell him everything.
Wilbur was ecstatic but composed,dancing with sweet Cinthia was everything he thought it would be.Why couldn`t he tell her of his feelings he told himself.He was so sure she would rebuff him that he held it inside.But this went on for a long long time since early childhood since Cinthia first moved to the island.
Cinthia had a crush on Wilbur since she first moved to the island also.A childhood crush that took root like Wilbur's did.They grew very attracted to each other and saw each other constantly from church to school to the lifeboat rescue crew.
Cinthia asked her friends to pardon her and left the dance right after Wilbur and her danced.Alone she left down the dusty road toward the light house.It was still early evening and she had a lot on her mind.

"PSSST,Psst,psst"Cinthia heard.She heard someone behind her whisper.Then heard it again.
Then she heard a voice she recognized"Hey Cinthia!"
"Hey Slow Down",said Wilbur.Cinthia couldnt belive who was following her."I demand conference whence you now fair Cinthia"commanded Wilbur with a most forboding tone."Must i take what`s rightfully mine now".Cinthia was shocked by his sudden boldness but longed for this day!would it be like this when he finally came out of his shell she thought.How should she reply to his words she wondered to herself.
To call his bluff she decided to give him an attitude adjustment.With her back to him while not stopping the least she replied"Whom might be requesting my attention?"and"Do I know who this might be?"..
"Do you not know how to properly present oneself to a lady? or does a heathen squire approach me i dare say"."Or is this Shy Wilbur whom voice i recognize using false pretense?"she giggled to herself quietly while still ignoring his request and proceeded to keep walking.
"Fine! keep steadfastly walking"Wilbur replied"but you will never forget our sweet dance i can promise you this and if you stop now i will kiss you like one has never been kissed"demanded Wilbur!!!
"Sorry Wilbur, but i really must be getting home to my chores i dont have time to stop for you!"said Cinthia.
"Perhaps you may visit me next week Wilbur when i have some time"again replied Cinthia"please have a nice nite good-bye young sir!".
Stunned Wilbur had enough and disappeared into the night heading for a beach most likely to ponder her answer`s.Cinthia was very happy and headed home.A succesful night after all for Cinthia as she sighed.Her house was dark and after lighting a few candles retired upstairs to her bedroom to write this nights episode into her diary.

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