The Amazing Journey's
Next Stop....
Hello, and welcome to the third and latest incarnation of the ever-famous Rachel Rosenthal home page. This page is in serious need of updating, I know. However, there are still things to look at.
I know this is probably the first thing anyone visiting this page is going to look for, so I decided to put it at the top. Here's the obligatory ego-fest- er, personal information about myself. Now with a new and improved picture page! For more up-to-date pictures, check out my Flickr or Photobucket albums. (added June 2007)
My new and improved online journal. It's updated much more frequently than this page, and even open for comments.
Here's the other obligatory page: People I Know who have web pages. (at least the ones who will admit it!)
Bolingbrook High School Class of 1991 had their 10-year reunion the weekend of September 28-29, 2001. I had a fantastic time! Go here to see some photos from that weekend.
This is my former project, the official Bolingbrook Jaycees website. I was the chapter Webmaster for the year 2000. I'm still very active in the chapter, though - I'm serving as IDVP for the year 2007.
Finally, have a look at some other links I like, as well as some timewasters and guilty pleasures. Pages updated March 2003.
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