Well no shit!! Here it is February 1st 2005 and this place is still here!! Check back soon for updates!! CHOOCH!!


Well, this is our attempt at making a cool BurningMan type webpage, Santa Cruz California style! Dedicated to the good folks of Choochniaithrtzshesomeania. You'll have to check back often to watch this page evolve!

Here are some pics from past events... mostly last year Right Here!

Here are some other good CHOOCH BurningMan type links Right Here!

Here are links to email the good friends of Choochniaithrtzsheominia Right Here!

Here is a bunch of other cool Choochnian stuff.

Thanx to the good folks at Yahoo/Geocities for the website and email addresses and all. Most of what I have on this website I found from Yahoo! You can do your own CHOOCH search from right here and check out GeoCities as well!!

Click here for the Ukiah, California Forecast
Current weather here in Choochniaithrtzsheominia

Click for Gerlach, Nevada Forecast
The site of The Event is about 15 miles from Gerlach, the closest weather station we could find
was out of Lovelock which is about 115 miles from the site, but it's close enough.

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