Serial Murder
Serial Killers are primarily handsome white males in their 20's and 30's. They range from genius to psychotic retard. Serial Killers have an excellent ability to blend into society.  They observe the world around them and mimic normal behavior.  They are known to be clever children and grow to be cunning masterful manipulators. A serial killer's childhood consists of different types of abuse; sexual, mental, and physical.  As children they might mutilate animals and have an abnormal sexual appetite. Most show tell tale signs of mental instability as children and usually have prior records of psychiatric problems.
As adults some serial killers have problems in their relationships which tend to be short, because of their inability to form attachments.  Some serial killers mutilate themselves such as Albert Fish who when arrested had 20-30 needles inserted into his groin and it's surrounding areas.  We also know that some Serial killers may be artistic such as John Wayne Gacy who enjoyed painting or Charles Manson (although not a serial killer) who enjoys writing and playing music.
Studying serial killers has helped identify them earlier, Yet the faces of serial killers are ever changing.  Even today with the advancement of modern medicine and science, we still don't know why they kill or for example why two boys taken from the same environment of abuse, take different paths in life.  One becomes the next Ted Bundy and the other the next beloved humanitarian.  One answer you can be sure of, more serial killers will appear and break any molds we have created about what we think we know about the mind of a serial killer.
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