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How Thor Got His Hammer Back

A bedtime story from Scandinavian mythology, told by a mother who has been reading too much Treksmut. (K/S, PG-13)

A Rude Viking Person

The little-known sequel to the tale of Thor's hammer. (K/S, PG-13)

Fill Me up, Buttercup

Kirk reads a book. Spock gets hungry. (K/S, NC-17)

Jungle Heat

Kirk reads another book. Spock is trying to work. (K/S, NC-17)

Hopeless Case

What if Spock thought Kirk was hopelessly straight? (S/Mc, PG-13)

As Time Goes By

An emotional reunion at Spock's Cafe Vulcan. (S/Mc, PG-13)

One Night on Rura Penthe

Kirk and McCoy find a way to keep warm in a Klingon prison camp. (K/Mc, NC-17)

Encounter on Mount Olympus

Chekov has a disturbing dream. (K/C, NC-17)

Mount Olympus Revisited

Kirk has a stimulating conversation - and a disturbing dream. (K/C, NC-17)

An Appointment With Dr. Birch

Kirk and McCoy play doctor. (K/Mc, NC-17)

A Backlash For Dr. Birch

Dr. Birch gets a dose of his own medicine. (K/S/Mc, NC-17)

Dr. Birch goes on Vacation

Dr. Birch goes camping with his two best friends. (K/S/Mc, NC-17)

Introduction To Arboreal Disciplines

With Rae Trail. From the teachings of Treksmut University. (TSU, PG-13)

Santa Lucia Meets Dr. Birch

An educational video and a lecture on a midwinter celebration. (TSU, K/S/Mc, R)


I was assigned to this pairing, OK? (Spock/Mudd, R)

Take Me There

The 5YM is over and Kirk is lonely. (K/m, drabble, R)

From the Time of the Beginning

The events as they could have unfolded after the episode All Our Yesterdays. (S/f, PG)


Beer Break

Exactly what happened before they woke up with the mother of all hangovers in Noel's apartment? (Noel/Ben, NC-17)


Noel needs a place to sleep. (Noel/Ben, NC-17)


Noel and Ben deal with the situation. (Noel/Ben, NC-17)


Fire, Lightning, Ice

The only logical explanation for the second movie.

(Professor Oak/Lawrence III a k a Jirarudan, NC-17)


The Simple Things

A missing scene from Valor, where Mic and Bud go out to have a drink.

(Bud Roberts/Mic Brumby, NC-17)

Wine and Girl Talk

Another missing scene from Valor, where Harriet and Renée have a quiet evening on their own.

(Harriet Sims/Renée Peterson, NC-17)


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