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Get quality health care with health insurance from Icic
A suitable health insurance policy is one which combines quality healthcare, cashless claims and the ability to customise the plan to include family members as well as optional covers. Icici Lombard provides comprehensive health insurance through is iHealth plan.

Health emergencies can occur unannounced and cause not just stress to the one affected but also to the family members associate with him. Apart from the stress of regaining a healthy status, the threat of high medical expenses looms large and can drain the savings of an average household. The rising healthcare costs and the immediate nature of the fund requirement also deal a large blow which causes stress and inconvenience to the family members.

It is thus important to take the practical measure of an affordable health insurance from Icici Lombard and secure your entire family under the umbrella of a single health insurance plan, also known as the iHealth plan. With this policy, you are prepared to face the consequences of sudden hospitalisation of any family member and also receive numerous other benefits that will offer relief in trying times.

It doesn't require individuals below the age of 46 years to take any medical tests and hence is quite convenient to go for. Besides this, one can opt for the policy beginning from the age of three months if you would like to include all family members in the policy. Alternately, an individual policy can also be purchased for those over 6 years of age.

A maximum of two adult members of the family and three children can be included in this policy by paying a single premium only. As mentioned by the terms of the policy, any number of family members may utilise up to the entire sum insured any number of times a year or till the policy expires. The detailed terms and conditions of the policy are available for perusal at

You would agree that it is convenient to pay only a single premium and renew a single policy compared to tracking and renewing multiple ones. Imagine the continuous worry of remembering renewal dates and the loss of benefits arising out of a missed renewal date! Not just that, it is more cost to take this family floater health insurance policy from than purchasing separate insurance plans to cover each family member.

The floater policy can be renewed lifelong and offers benefits at the time of renewal if you have not raised a claim in the previous year. This benefit is of an additional 5% of the coverage amount and could increase to 50% of the coverage. There is also a dual benefit of saving tax under the section 80D of the tax laws. This enhances your savings while protecting your financial health!

Along with the cashless hospitalisation feature available with a wide network of hospitals, the family health insurance policy from Icici Lombard is a responsible decision towards protecting your finances while caring for your family.

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