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Handling Charges (per show)
Regular Shows:
Members Competitions:
Open Shows/Parades:
Championship Shows:
Members Competitions:
Open Show/Parade:
Championship Show:
Members Competitions:
Open Show/Parade:
Championship Shows:
Additional Charges:
Pickup/drop off (each way):
Show training/conditioning (per month)
Terms of Agreement
1) Expenses (meals, lodging, transportation etc.) will be pro-rated amongst clients, per show.
2)The client shall be responsible for booking with the handler any show in which they wish their dog to be entered.
3) The client shall be provided with marked catalogues, prizes and ribbons as soon as possible after each show & All cash awards shall remain in the handlers possession.
4)If for any reason the dog require veterinary attention, any fees charged must be reimbursed to the handler. Although every precaution will be taken to avoid any incident, the handler cannot be held responsible should any misfortune that befalls your dog.
5) 2% interest per month will be charged on invoices outstanding after 30 days.
6) Ringside pickup policy: It is the Clients responsibility to ensure:
Client will clean, groom, and make the dog presentable prior to arrival ringside.
Client has dog available ringside at time of class wearing appropriate show lead.
Client will pay full fees if dog misses its class.
Client will ensure safe and appropriate maintenance of the dog ringside during judging of additional classes if dog is required for further judging
6) Handler is responsible for showing dogs other than the dog in this contract, that conflicts in scheduling do arise, and that on occasion Handler may not be able personally to handle the dog, or maybe unable to obtain a substitute handler for the Dog. Owner or Responsible Person agrees that in the event of such a conflict, by whom the Dog will be shown, is in Handlers exclusive discretion. Dogs under contract will take preference to ringside pickups.
7)Upon Championship completion the owner will run one ad in a national publication of their choosing with Robyn Raven listed as the handler. All published photos in which Robyn Raven is the handler shall be listed as such whether it be in print or on the internet.
8) Prior to accepting any dog for handling Robyn Raven will evaluate dog for conformation qualities and showing temperament. Dogs not of quality expectations, will not be accepted to be handled by myself.
Anyone wishing to enter into an agreement with me, must email me first, so I can give you an address to send the contract to.
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