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June 15 Form:


Our very first Form rsults:

I really really really like oneesan because he is the best brother any girl could ever had. He always looks after me and makes sure that I'm safe and free from any harm. He is also caring, kind and sensitive to my needs. I may say the exact opposite to what you are all thinking about him but you all really don't know him that much as I do. He intends to hide his true feelings so that the enemy won't brand him as a softie or a vulnerable person. If you don't believe me, ask our parents! Otosan will be very happy to narrate our one big happy family situation even though we have loads of problems (don't try to ask kaasan. She cries whenever she has the chance to tell our story).

Tokiya no imouoto


I like Fuuko coz she's independent, cool, strong, sexy and pretty.... gosh I wish I was her.... *starts daydreaming*

Mikuro Kurayami aka Tomoe no miko


*coughs* why do I like Mikagami? Wow...have you got an entire day? Unlimited space? I can't completely understand why I love him...he's not even my usual type...I mean there's the sword...the clothes...the silvery hair, the eyes...

But that's just some shallow stuff. I love him because underneath the ice, he's still a boy in pain. He was forced to face life's harsh realities and the cruelty of other people before it was time. But he handled it wrong. He shut himself off. And I understand his pain. He's smart, intelligent, good-looking,and certainly kind-hearted (he just hides it really well) he's loyal,determined, and can kick Uruha butt. What more do I need in life?

......the truth is...I just really love him. No more than that. The reasons above are true...but I just really do love him.

Natsumi-chan (URL:


Why do I like the underappreciated Joker? Who wasn't given a home on the poll? *sniffle* o) Probably because he has one of the most intriguing personalities in the whole Uruha. The manga Joker, that is... in the anime, he's just furniture. :o( But he's always so relaxed and laid-back about things, yet he also has an undeniable edge to his personality... and it makes you wonder, what's the true Joker really like? He spares Koganei's life yet he kills J-kipa without a thought... he stays loyal to Kurei after most of the others remain with Mori Kouran... He's got guts, telling Kurei the conditions under which he'll join the Uruha... There are just so many facets to his personality that make him intriguing. Plus, he writes great fics. o)

Buttou-chan (URL:

Tokiya no imouto: I'm so sorry! I never knew that somebody likes Joker. I should have given him some space on the poll. For the second time, gomen ne Buttou-chan!


I like recca coz he's my crush.

RJ Cordero


Clash voted for Recca


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