June 7, 2000

Added a new link at the links page!
I also added a new banner.

June 6, 2000

Tokiya Fanart by: Kurayami
New Entries in the Views
New Love quotes!
Changed the topic for the Views
The 'What I learned in Flame of Recca' is here!

May 28, 2000

Fuuko fanart by: Martin Santos
Change layout (for the second time)
Have new banner!
Modified the Links page

May 19, 2000

Fanfic: Letters from a friend by: Mikagami Nariko
Fanfic: Don't call me Hime by: Natsumi
Fanfic: It's Not Easy Being Me by: Natsumi
Fanfic: Wild Flower by: Natsumi
Fanfic: Into His Eyes by: Natsumi
Fanfic: Still Waters Run Deep by: Natsumi

May 10, 2000

May 9, 2000

New Love Quotations!
New layout!

May 6, 2000

Fuuko Fanart by Kurayami

May 5, 2000

The Flame of Recca Fanworks Archive is now ONLINE!!!!
Fanfic: Goodbye Forever by: Mikagami Nariko
New: FoR Love Quotes


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