The Kissing Booth

by: Natsumi

Author's Note: Oh yes, I know what you're thinking. Oh no! Not another lame attempt by Natsumi-san to write something funny! Yup, you guessed right! Yes here, my dear victi-...err visitors, is yet another torturous fanfic written by moi in an attempt to smack the boredom right out of my head. One sunny day (At least, I think it was! I wouldn't know, I was inside our house in my own little world) I was just staring at my computer screen, trying not to go insane and murder my computer. I hate HTML I gotta tell you. Finally in an effort to preserve the life of our computer, I took a break and decided to just lie on my bed. I decided I'd been sitting in front of the computer for too long. Then i realized, just lying down on my bed was BORING. I searched for a book to read, but every single book I owned, and my parents owned, have already been read by me. Five times if my counting is accurate. So with nothing left to do, I entered the world of imagining. There I was seeing Tokiya performing in a rock band (hey, it's MY imagination!) when I suddenly got the idea, what if Tokiya had a kissing booth. The line would certainly be long. And I guess that would go for Recca too, and Saicho, and Raiha. Maybe Kurei, if Kurenai could develop amazing powers of multiplying herself. But, what if Domon had his own kissing booth? I could just see it, one of those balls of whatever you always see in Westerns rolling along the space in front of Domon's booth. So anyway, now you know why I conceived such an insane idea as this. Uh-oh, you found me out! Yes this extremely long author's note was written to hide the fact that the fanfic has no value WHATSOEVER. It's not even funny. It doesn't have a plot, well much of it. (Like Still Waters Run Deep. Now that majorly lacked a plot) So anyway, if you're still interested in reading it even after you've made me spill the beans that it's worthless, go on.If you DO read it send me your feedback why don't you? And be kind please! *sobs* Pass me the Kleenex, Tokiya.

"Come one, come all! Visit the amazing Hokage Carnival!" Satori cried. "Check out the amazing treats we have in store for you! See the amazing Freezer Boy! The most beautiful guy in the world who can turn you to ice with just a look! Is he a guy or a girl? He's so beautiful, even I'M not sure!" Satori, so involved in her pitch, was unable to feel the deadly glare that Tokiya was shooting at her.

"After you've seen our own girlie-boy," Tokiya was slowly advancing on her now. "Why don't you check out our amazing zoo! The two most spectacular animals you'll ever view! We have Recca, the world's smartest and biggest sea monkey!"

Recca stopped working on the tent he was pitching up to gape at Satori. He dropped his work and went towards her, shooting daggers, well shurikens rather at her back.

"And see the Amazing Domon! The world's ONLY Strongest and Mosr Human-like Stuck-nosed Pig!"

Even Domon heard her, even though he was all the way at the back of the lot reserved for the Hokage Carnival.

"And see the amazing Koganei who can slay his enemies by insulting them to death! The world's youngest bratty killer!" Lucky for her, Satori dropped her megaphone, because if she hadn't bent down to pick it up, the Crescent form of the Kougan Anki would have hit her.

"And see also his partner Gondo the fox! The most perverted and talkative stuffed doll fox in the world! See also his adorable Master Ganko! The cutest thing you'll ever see!"

Gondo was last seen jumping up and down and swearing at Satori before he was thrown into the air by Ganko.

"Also, view the last remaining Princess in Japan! The loveliest hime in all the world!" Yanagi blushed and ducked her head and went quickly to her tent which was actually the storytelling tent. "And finally for our final and BEST attraction, Fuko Kirisawa, child of wind! The prettiest, and hottest fighter you'll ever lay your eyes on! Watch her perform her daring moves as she jumps at LEAST 50 feet in the air and throw cute little Soul of Winds at you!" Fuko smiled and gave the V sign at the crowd gathering near Satori. When she turned back, she saw that the four male members of Hokage were quickly walking towards her, with bloody murder in their eyes.

'Uh-oh, looks like Satori's gonna get it!' Fuko thought.

"And I am the ringmaster of this circus-I mean carnival! Satori Narazaki at your service!" Satori cried. "So visit our Hokage Carnival Believe me, you'll thank me for it! I won't even charge you for the tip! So come on in, and see what makes it so cool! Aside from me of cou-WHOA!!!" Her pitch was cut off when suddenly, Recca, Tokiya, Domon and Kaoru all grabbed her up from behind and carried her off. "Hey put me down! Baka!!!" Satori's eyes grew wide as she saw where they were taking her. "Oh no! Don't you even dare! Put me down right NOOOW!!! OH NO!!!!" she yelled as the four threw her into the dunking pool, which was fortunately filled with water already. At the resounding splash, the four turned to each other to congratulate themselves.

"Hey I got my clothes wet." Koganei said with a frown.

"Totally worth it, Koganei." Tokiya said. The four nodded in agreement.

"You'll pay for that!" Satori who finally surfaced yelled. "I'll make your descriptions even worse!"

 "Yeah, yeah." Recca said as they all walked away. Satori climbed out quickly and ran to the water balloon table. With an evil grin she picked up one balloon and took aim. Her eyes lit on Tokiya and she let the balloon fly. Three more quickly followed and they found their targets with a satisfying SPLAT! "I always keep my promises." Satori said as she, Fuko and Ganko all fell down laughing.


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