Merry Meet!

We are a small group of Eclectic Pagans located in Dayton, Ohio. We will meet on a monthly basis for study, ritual and worship. We also meet on Sabbats according to the Wheel of the Year.

While Wicca is our coven framework, we will study and implement shamanism, herbalism, chakra healing, crystals, sacred objects, kitchen witchery, and trying to live within the natural, as created in nature, as much as is possible.  We also plan to have sťances, channeling and the study of the paranormal.  Members are encouraged to develop their personal spirituality and beliefs.

All members are expected to actively participate in and contribute creatively to the coven. In this aspect I hope to find those who will actively search for and work with herbs, crystals and sacred objects, and participate in all coven related tasks. We all learn, grow, and prosper as a team.  All members share responsibilities and each covener will be able to work at their own pace.

If you have experience, skills, interests in the same areas we do, we want you.  What positions are needed?  We want teams to research herbs and crystals, etc., where they are found. Teams to go out and locate and bring back these items. And teams to work with the items brought back to the coven.

We also participate in and support our local Pagan community.
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