After a year, Vic called it quits and Geoff Kresge stepped in to play bass. With this new lineup, the released Dork ep, Behind the Times ep, Eddie Picnic's All wet, and Fly In the Ointment.
  AFI then signed to Nitro Records and released Answer That and Stay Fashionable, and Very Proud of Ya.
  After Geoff left in 1996, the band asked a good friend, Hunter Burgan, from the Force, to temporarily play bass on Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes. After this release Hunter was asked to join the band.
   AFI then asked Mark to leave in 1998, because they felt he did not share the same passion about their music as they did. Then another good friend from the band Loose Change, Jade Puget, was asked to play guitar on the band's next release, A Fire Inside ep. AFI asked Jade to permanently join the band.
   In 1999, with the new lineup, AFI released Black Sails in the Sunset, Black Sails ep, and All Hallows ep.
   In 2000, the band released their fifth full-length album entitled The Art of Drowning. A year later, The Days of the Phoenix ep was released. After this release, Dexter Holland, the owner of Nitro Records, told the band they have much potential and should sign with a major label. In 2001, AFI signed with Dreamworks Records releasing 336 in 2002, and Sing the Sorrow in 2003.
  The Story of AFI begins in a small town, in Northern California, called Ukia. Three friends, Davey Havok, Mark Stopholse, and Vic Chalker, decided to alleviate their boredom by starting a band. They needed a drummer. So they asked their good friend, Adam Carson, to play drums for them.
....a biography written by me, ~Marc~
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