Name: Davey Havok
Born: November 20th 1975
Position: Lead Singer
Davey is an original memeber of AFI when it was started back in 91'. He writes most of the lyrics for AFI.  Davey lives a straight edge life style
Favorites: "Mullholland Drive" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas"
Name: Adam Carson
Born: February 5th, 1975
Position: Drummer
Adam is an original member of AFI, he was fetured on the cover of 7" "Dork." He as well as Hunter do not share the share the straight edge lifestyle
Name: Jade Puget
Born: November 28th, 1973
Position: Guitarist/Backup vocals
Jade has been friends with Davey and Adam since way back. He was in a band called "lose change", when markus left the band jade stepped in and played for AFI. In 1999. Jade became the official guitar player for AFI, Jade, as well as Davey, is Straight edge
Favorites: "the best of Simon and Garfunkel"
Name: Hunter Burgan
Born: May 14th 1975
Position: Bassist
Hunter first appeared as bassist on "Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes". A year later he became official bassist on "A Fire Inside E.P."
Hunter is also a talented drummer. He as well as Adam do not share the straight edge life style.
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