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Palace is a unique, exciting, two dimensional virtual chat program. 
No plain screen with black and white text here. 
Instead, Palace program uses on screen talk bubbles
that come from your chosen avatar, as well as a side log
to allow you to keep track of the conversation.
Wiith unlimited avatars to choose from. 
you can be anything you like ... from a Super Model or Super Hunk
to a hot dog or pack of gum.  The choice is yours. 
You can even make an avatar from your own picture. 

Meet new friends ... chat ... share music and play games like
Yahtzee, Miniature Golf, Checkers or Hangman to
name a few ...  all in rooms with backgrounds ranging from
cascading animated waterfalls to a comfy, firelit living room.
Party and dance the night away using animated dance avatars
while listening to and enjoying  Palace community radio stations..
Enjoy virtual on screen effects
such as kisses and hugs  or zapping a brat. 
Download Palace Progam now!
It's free!
Come see what you have been missing.
Hope to see you there!
Hugs and Smiles,
Sugar Shack Staff
What is Palace?
Sugar Shack Palace
Sugar Shack Palace is a place where "FUN"
is the word of the day ... every day!
Come visit a warm, caring Palace where we love to
meet new people, laugh and especially play Yahtzee!
We welcome you with open arms and lots of laughter!
Dance yourself silly in our Dance and Disco rooms, or
join us in a game of Yahtzee.
We have some great music rooms
offering selectionsfrom the 1950's through 2000
as well as separate Artist music rooms.
C'mon  in and chat with us
or enjoy a drink with one of our changing bartenders.
Kick back and relax on one of our beautiful beaches.
Wander through natures paths.
Have a quiet comfy chat in a living room or
cuddle with your sweetie in a lovely bedroom or
one of our many cuddle rooms.
Last, but not least ... what would any Palace be
without avatar shopping?
Shop till you drop in one of our many prop rooms
including Couples Shop Together, where you
can find male and female avs ... side by side ... in one room.

We have something for everyone here at Sugar Shack
and if you don't see it ...
ask ... we might be able to add it!
After you have downloaded The Palace Program
click Sugar Shack to come visit us!!
Visit our sister palace as well.
The Full Monty
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Hiya!  My name is Sweet Bear and I am
Sugar Shack's Mascot. 
Here are some other Palace Links for you. 
Hope you come visit me!!!
Get a better idea of our rooms.
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