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The quest for knowledge....

20 Great Ideas of Science

Experimental Design and other aspects of life

Biology: The study of life, from animals and plants to bacteria and viruses. It includes study of DNA, nutrition, disease and medicine, and the workings of all living systems. (See also Biology)

Chemistry: The study of chemicals and the atoms that make up the world. The study involves synthesis of chemical compounds, finding out how they interact and how they are made.

Physics: The study of the minute, invisible interactions and particles of the universe. It includes study of the atoms, atomic and subatomic particles, mechanics, electricity and magnetism.

Astronomy: The study of the universe and the bodies in it. This includes the galaxies, stars, black holes, planets, even the search for extra-terrestrial life.

Mathematics: Computation and theory of numbers. It includes arithmetic and geometry and calculus and algebra as well as higher applications to real and imaginary situations of problem solving.

Geology: The study of rocks and the crust of the Earth (or other planets). It also includes archaeology and plate tectonics.

Sociology: The study of society and the way it functions. It includes political science and social problem solving.


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