Witchcraft vs. Wicca
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Book of Shadows
Healing Chant:
Powers of the Goddess Moon,
Powers of the God Sun,
Healing Magick Must Be Done,
Divine Forces
bestowed upon me
Heal this person
So Mote It Be!"

Chant this while burning Eucalyptus, Myrrh or some other healing scent. Say aloud three times invisioning who or what you are trying to heal.
Vini Nocturna:
Cross the 1st and 2nd digits of each hand. Close your eyes. Lift your arms outward as if in a witche's prayer and place your head in a position of looking towards the sky. Spin your body desoil while chanting;
Where once there was darkness
now there is light
The day cometh swiftly
Through Curtain of Night."
After remain in initial position and recite
Kether, Kether
Ain Soph Aur
Ain Soph
So Mote it Be!"
Clear the mind
Focus your energy
Chant the following:
Sand and Sea,
Wind and Sun,
Banish it,
It's power's done!"
Recieving Dreams:
Imagine a large golden stag and say aloud;
Guardian of the Realms of thought and dream,
Hear my words this night,
I ask thee to aid my sight,
Send me a dream true and clear,
Showing me life!"
Say aloud 3 times while thinking of what you wish to see. Than clear your thoughts and go to sleep.
Break a Bad Habit:
Do whilst its raining;
With watercolors or chalk, write your bad habit on a piece of paper. Than take it  outside and as you watch it wash away say;
______  Be Gone,
As the writing be gone"
As the chalk dissolves so shall your bad habit.
Chakras Protection:
Focus your stomach's chackra's swirling energy into a tight ball of power. Than release it out to all parts of your body. To purge it of any unwanted psychic energies, or influences separate yourself from it to avoid being "drained"
The Nest
Wolf Protection:
On a Full Moon>
Take your wand and hold it up to the moon. Than in your circle say;
I summon Wolf,
To protect me from all ills,
May it protect my house
It is my will
Blessed Be!
This should be done outside in the woods or an open field.
Pain Chant:
Imagine a great white horse galloping through a field, his mane flowing in the breeze, As he's running you feel your pain tearing out from inside you being dragged with the horse in his wake as this is happening chant;
Pain Be Gone
Far Away
Never will it be here to stay
As the horse dissapears into the forest your pain dissapears as well.
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