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Merry Meet, this is a website for Pagans, Wiccans, Witches and all with open minds. This is a site to voice my opinions and teach people about what Witchcraft, and Wicca REALLY are, not devil worshippers, we don't sacrafice small children or any of that nonsense that's all just a bunch of phooey!
Backround info: My name is Phoenix Goldenrod and this is my nest. I am an Ecclectic Witch and have been for about 2 years. I am a Sagittarius and my element is FIRE I horseback ride and have a dog and a cat, my horse is my familiar, his name is Willie. My spirit guide is a small red dragon, (only don't tell him he's little) I don't know his name but he helpes me out, I see him in all of my dreams somewhere wheather in person or I see him say in a picture, painting, as a figure, he always pops up.
Okay this site is to teach people about Wicca and Witchcraft, to get the truth out there because there are a lot of wackos that think they know a lot but know jack!.

Satanists are not Witches or Wiccans but they are Pagans. Definition of a Pagan>
any religion not being Judeo-Christian. So that includes Buddhism, Hinduism, Wiccan, Witchcraft, Confucanism, Shintoism, Animism, Satanism etc...
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