Witchcraft vs. Wicca
The Elements
The Sabbats
Book of Shadows
Pagans may perform rituals on any sabbat or esbat. The Sabbats are the 8 holidays and the esbats are the days of lesser power, ie) full moon, new moon. Rituals may be very simple with just a prayer and invocation or a whole big sphiel with a circle being cast, invocation, calling of the quarters. It does not matter what you chose to do. I know there are times on a sabat I don't get home until 10pm and am dead tired from work, school and everything else so I do a small ritual, light candles, some inscense meditate (try not to fall asleep!) and say a short something.
I'm not going to tell you any rituals that I do because I do not have any set rituals. It changes year to year, sabbat to sabbat. I never do the same exact ritual. It depends on my time, my mood and other things, the weather, if i'm even home. This past Yule I travelling, on an airplane for 13 hours going to China. I really did not have much time to set up an altar or light candles.
For your first few times you may want to look at other's published rituals and change things a bit once you've gotten going. Use it as a guideline not as a written in stone "You must do this or die!" blah. Not fun. So improvise, rewrite and have fun
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