Phantom's Profile

by Phantom (phantom1313 at tfrid dot com)

codename: Phantom
function: espionage

"Never be the first to believe,
never be the last to deceive.
Nobody's on nobody's side."
Nobody's on Nobody's side- "Chess" musical soundtrack

(these statistics are based on normal human abilities)

Strength 4
Intelligence 10
Speed 8
Endurance 7
Leadership 6
Courage 10
Firepower N/A (is armed in some way at all times)
Skill 9

Born into one of the most wealthy and well-established families in America, Laurie Allen had the best that money could buy. Her privileged world was shattered by the murder of her mother when Laurie was just seven. When her twin sister was also killed three years later, Laurie knew that she had to do something to defend her family. Her instincts of survival were sharp, and she was determined to thrive and dedicate her life, whatever she had left of it, to avenging the deaths of those she loved. Upon moving into their ancestral home at the age of ten to try to escape the past, she began to study martial arts with a respected sensei, and also began many other forms of training, such as in the use of firearms, with as many people that would help her. Upon reaching puberty her life underwent another dramatic change as she discovered her mutant powers. Instead of feeling ashamed of her new abilities, she embraced them, thankful for another weapon against the forces that were bent on wiping out her family. She finished college early and, continuing her education in other areas, applied to the elite anti-terrorist group G. I. Joe under a new program that accepted promising new trainees. Realizing soon afterwards that she needed outside training for her mutant powers, though she had already learned to control them, she made plans to leave to join the X-Men. She disliked the government's attitude towards mutants and swore that, if they ever took action against her kind, she would use her knowledge of government facilities to thwart them. Her plans were made moot, however, when the G. I. Joe team was disbanded.

Her short adventures with the mutant teams introduced her to many interesting characters and several alien civilizations, but the ones that intrigued her the most were the Transformers, robot refugees from the planet Cybertron that had crashed on Earth four million years ago. They had split into two factions, the Decepticons, who planned to use Earth's resources to power their home planet and conquer other worlds, and the Autobots, who protested the Decepticons' use of force. The X-Men have taken the responsibility of stopping the Decepticons' energy raids, and in this Phantom sees a golden opportunity. Earth is now facing an alien threat, and society will be forced to accept the X-Men as their saviors, the worse of the two evils. Phantom finds the Autobots intriguing but refuses to buy the rather shallow explanation that the Decepticons were soulless conquerors. The Autobots try to protect her, since they view all humans as vulnerable, but she has proven that she can hold her own against virtually any foe. She is rather suspicious of the Autobots as well, since they also have the capability to take advantage of her home planet. Part of her association with them is to keep an eye on them. She has strong opinions that she stands by and will not back down, which has surprised many, Autobot and Decepticon alike. The Decepticons do not know how to deal with humans that can effectively hold their own in a battle. Megatron has, in spite of himself, come to have a sort of grudging respect for Phantom. However, the Autobots are rather wary of her, for she makes her distrust of them quite plain. Phantom enjoys hanging out with the few female Transformers that she has met, comparing their role in society to that of female humans. She accepts females from both factions more easily than the males.

Abilities: Phantom's mutant abilities are telepathy, telekinesis, and pyrokinesis. She can use her telekinetic powers to fly or lift heavy objects, and her pyrokinesis to ignite most materials, even inflammable ones. Her ninja skills have been sharply honed, but she is not a complete expert. She is skilled in the use of katana blades and throwing stars but prefers the less honorable weapon of a gun. She has made innumerable contacts through her voyages or her family's influence. She is next in line to inherit the family business, which deals with the stock market. She is a certified genius, especially with numbers and battle plans. She has a photographic memory.

Weaknesses: Phantom has made many enemies over the years through her ambition and uncompromising nature towards those who she does not like. She can hide her mutant powers most of the time, but she is becoming active in the mutant community, which has brought much criticism against her. She has very little compassion and can be brutal in battle, more so than necessary. She will kill her opponent without remorse if he still poses a threat, for she does not like to take chances. She also has a strong dislike for men and is quite vocal about it, since her formative years in quest of fighting skills were spent in rather dangerous areas confronting less-than-polite males. She sometimes gets into fights that should be avoided due to this hatred. Her single-minded fixation on avenging her family has created some mental problems that have worsened as the years have gone by. She sometimes overreacts and has a paranoid attitude, but every now and then her caution pays off. Due to this paranoia she feels that she can trust no one, not even her twin sister, who is discovered to be alive when Laurie is 19. Laurie does not expect to live to see her 20th birthday and is awaiting the final confrontation with her enemies. Because she is sure that she will not survive, she takes excessive risks and thinks very little of her own safety when saving others. Once she came to accept her impending death, she lost her fear of it, and is in danger of losing her civilized veneer. She has come to welcome the idea of death and the end of fighting. She can always be counted on to help her friends and those that have been loyal, but she is also a nomad of sorts, wandering from group to group to collect fighting experience. Several times she has been put in the position to betray her former teammates. In the long run, the only one she is truly loyal to is herself and her family.

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