Crystal's profile

by Phantom (phantom1313 at tfrid dot com)

Codename: Crystal
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Espionage

Tech Specs:
Strength- 4 Intelligence- 7 Speed- 6 Endurance- 5 Rank- 4 Courage- 9 Firepower- 3 Skill- 9

Crystal is one of the Autobots' most valued spies. She uses her charm, wit, and "feminine" design like a sort of Mata Hari, enchanting Decepticons into falling for her and subsequently revealing classified information. While she realizes the importance of her function, Crystal secretly despises her job. She feels cheapened by the many "favors" she's had to perform to gain her information.

Crystal is deeply resentful of Alita One, who does not have to compromise her own principles to further the Autobot cause. Crystal also envies Alita's relationship with Optimus Prime. Crystal wishes for a stable relationship of her own, yet is wary of any opportunity of such that comes her way. Crystal realizes that Prime is ignorant of the true nature of her job, and thus harbors no hard feelings towards him. In fact, she sees him as nearly perfect. She nurses a secret crush on him and has put him on a pedestal in her mind.

Deep inside, Crystal fears for her safety. She knows that she will be brutally savaged if her true loyalties are ever discovered by the Decepticons. She especially fears Megatron's wrath, since she has become one of his favorite female companions. She knows that she cannot cajole any information from him, yet she is too afraid of him to openly reject him. Crystal realizes that her only chance of true happiness lies in the end of the war, with the Autobots victorious.

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