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Elfie Finn (TheEvilElfie at aol dot com) deserves credit for this pic.

Welcome, Transfans!

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Transformers Fanfic Links:
  • Lexicon a huge repository for fic
  • Fanfic read all about your fave robots in disguise
  • Jeanne's Web Page has TF fanfics and the infamous Star Wars Twisted Toy Theatre
  • The Serpent's Lair see things from a Decepticon point of view
  • Welcome to Whiz Central! visit Alita/Elita/Aleeta/Eylietah's(!) hardest worker
  • The Fanfic Vault
    Think you know everything about the TFs? Drop in and find something completely different.
  • get the low-down on the Beastly Bots
  • Cillacon Transformers fanzine and other fanfic
  • Transformers 'Xover' Page The Transformers meet the X-Men, the Ghostbusters, the Smurfs?
  • Transformatorium electrify your imagination
  • The Realm of Insanity Need I say more?

    More Transformers Links:

  • Rockman's Transformers Robots in Disguise One of the best TF sites around!
  • Lots of variety
  • Botcon online the "mecha", with info on past and future gatherings
  • Femmes Unite check out a club created for femmes by femmes

    Star Trek Links:

  • Talyn Kala's Star Trek Realm my friend's page (die, Julian! :)
  • Star Trek in Sound and Vision has wavs, screensavers, and wallpaper

    Sailor Moon Links:

  • Sailor Moon anime archive more images than you can shake a silver crystal at
  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon perfect for the sailor novice
    -a CD advertisement in German


  • The Ultimate G.I. Joe Website episode guide, fanfic, mailing list, and plenty more
  • Spamusement make fun of spam!
  • CIAC Internet Hoax site check here before spreading false warnings about computer viruses!
  • Urban Legends Reference Pages - get the real scoop on rumor and urban legends!

    International Music:

  • song lyrics
  • Celine Dion French and English translation, check out J'attandais and le Fils de Superman
  • Celine Online the official website
  • Jean-Jacques Goldman... en passant a great artist! fave song- Je Marche Seul
  • Zazie chanteuse fave song- Zen
  • Alain Souchon check out the artist's own site
  • Téléphone- Cendrillon (Cinderella), New York Avec Toi
  • Axelle Red- À Quoi Ça Sert
  • Tout sur Pascal Obispo has lyrics and RA songs, faves: Les Meilleurs Ennemis, Où et avec qui tu m'aimes
  • Pascal Obispo more info on Pascal


  • Pur's Official Home Site faves- Wenn Du Da Bist, Abenteuerland
  • F A L C O has interviews... auf Englisch! Hooray!
  • Die Offizielle Nena Homepage faves: 99 Luftballons, Vollmond

    Crystal is one of my creations. She was impatient to appear in one of my fanfics.... but what I had in store for her in "Darkest Hour" wasn't exactly what she had in mind.

    here's a sketch of me

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