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Welcome to Club Minako, the shrine/fanclub that every Sailorvenus fan should check out! The Club just went through a major layout overhaul, and isn't it pretty-ish?

New Goal: I've decided that Club Minako should first be a Sailorvenus shrine and then a club. So everyone who is already in the club, please check out the new club mailing/discussion list, where you can talk with fellow club members! The member pages will still be up here, as well as a list of club members. It's just that I'll be working more on shrine-y things while all you club members talk to each other. Have fun!

By the way, everything here, so far, is based on the mangas "Codename wa Sailor V" and "Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon". I'm working on getting the anime info all set up, so check back soon. And if you don't know what CwSV or BSSM is, find out here. Thanks!

Another note: the top corner image will always bring you back to this page. Just in case you...get lost or something. ^^;

Anyway, look around, join the Club, and sign the guestbook if you wish.

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February is Sailorvenus month! Well, she's on the calendar at least.

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