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Welcome, come and visit. here you can find information about us and our pets. First about us. I am a Miniature Pincher. I am Scarlett and his name is Rhett. Yes, we are named after the characters in "Gone in the Wind" it is our pets favorite movie.


A wonderful member of our pets Min Pin group made the graphic below for us. Wasn't that so very nice of her?

gone with the wind

I am 5 yrs old. Our pet has us register with the Continental Kennel Club and she plans on starting a local club in south central Indiana., so if you would be interested please let her know!!!


We are now 8 and 10 months old and still just as cute as ever. We have found so many ways to keep our pet busy.

Aug 3,03
Well frist the good news Rhett has become a daddy he has 4 beauiful babies 3 reds and 1 choclate the little choclate is our pick of the litter and will be coming home in about 6 weeks. If you would like to see pictures of her go to our photo gallery page and click on the Min Pin folder. there you can see all of us!!! The mommy of the puppies is our cousin's Leslies dog and she is a beauiful Red, Ginger. She is a cutie to be sure. There were 2 boys and 2 girls. The boys will be ready to find new homes in about 6 weeks so if you would be interested in giving a life long home to one of the little guys please send us a message.
now for the bad news.. while Rhett was out on the road with our dad someone stole him out of the truck. he's gone and I miss him very much.
I have a new friend also his name is Payton he's a black and tan like me. he's kind of cute I guess but he's not been around other min pins or a lot of people so mom says we have to be extra nice to him and give him extra love and be more paitent with him. but he has came along way when he first came to live with us mom could not even get a leash on him with out fear of being bit now he is just as cuddly and snuggly as ever. He loves to be rubbed and kissed and held. and he has picked his sleeping spot to be between mom's knees while I have kept my place of sleeping at her feet. We have been wondering where the new choclote will be taking up her residence of sleeping at? ( sure hope it's not at mom's head haha).

Guess what I just had puppies!! The daddy is the son of my old friend Rhett, who I miss very much. Rosco is his name. He is the son of Rhett and Ginger. He is a Red male. I had my puppies on December 4th, 2007. I had 3 boys and 2 girls. One black and tan male like me, and 4 reds. They are so cute. They will be ready for new homes about Valentine's Day. Won't that make the perfect gift for your loved ones? But, then I am biased of course. It's a momma pride to be!

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