• My goals for the farm are to have good quality meat goats.
  • Raise kids for 4-H kids to show. 
  • To get the pastures in good shape. 
  • To built a kidding barn with electricity and water. We have the material, just need the time and money to get it up. 
  • I want to continue having a healthy herd. 
  • To be knowledgeable about goats so that I can help others in our area with their goats. 
  • Last, but not least, I want others to see Jesus in my life. 



Large hog house where mamas had their babies:
We have 3 of these large buildings.

Pig nurseries: We have 6 of these buildings.


We have an abandoned hog house operation on some land that we bought after hurricane Fran came by. The hurricane destroyed at lot of the buildings. My goal is to move some of these buildings to our farm where we have the goats. I want you to picture two of these pig nurseries setting together with a long space between them with a top on. In the pig nurseries, it is divided into 12 pens. Excellent place for the does to have their babies in the winter time. I want an area to put all my supplies, a refrigerator, water and a feed and hay room. Now in your mind picture us getting it done!  What I would like is to find someone that would be willing to help move and set up these buildings in exchange for one building. That's a big order.

Just learned that my husband plans to fence in most of the 43 acres.  I will be using some of the buildings at that location. (I hope it gets done in my life time. BG)

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