>Become a Member
To become a Member of Mocohill, all you need to do is click here and post a comment with your email. We will then record your email and send you the latest updates.

(please make sure that you add to your addresslist to prevent it from getting put into Junk Mail)
(If the first link did not work, please try this one)

>Points System
The Point system is created to make users interact with the website more often. Points are allocated for many things. The more common ones are:

Correcting Spelling/Grammar Mistakes = 5 Points
Fan Referal = 20 Points (Your ID must be the answer for 'How did you find me')
Fan Art Submision = 30 Points
Fan Page Submission = 50 Points
Other Contribution = May Vary

You maybe asking what the points are used for, please read on.

>Member System
The Members Systems is a hierarchy of different levels of membership. You start of as just a fan of the series and as you earn more points, you will be reward by gaining the next level. Here is how the levels work:

Fans = Get updates (no points required, just membership)
Members = Get to choose a username (200 Points)
Premium Members = Get to choose a colour (500 Points)
Gold Members = Get to fully edit username, all fonts and effects except size (1000 Points)
Admin = Have the ability to edit the website = Not effected by points

(Other Rewards will be added as the website progresses)
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(in order of points)

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