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Joshua McMillian 'Josh' (Midnightblue)

Josh is one of the mainest Characters of the story. Him and Mike are best friends and have been since they were kids. He and Mike are family friends as their mothers use to work together before either of them were born. Josh is a very quiet person and daydreams alot but even with this quality as his personality, lots of girls still seem to like him. He is good looking though. His other mates are Kim(Kimberly), Steve(Steven), Mike(Micheal) and Burn(Burney). He is a fifth former at Moco High School.

Michelle Finland "Mich" (HotPink)

Mich is the new student at Moco High. She has just recently moved from Australia because of social problems. As soon as she meets Josh, she starts to like him so trys her best to get to know him better but Josh is one of the hardest person in the world to get to know so it's going to be quite a mission. She's a very cute kind of girl. She is quite hypo active, pretty and very easy to get along with.

Micheal Justin Thomas 'Mike' (SeaGreen)

Mike is a one of a kind nice guy. He is a really really decent guy, loves to help people and is normally nice to all people but sometimes comes up with the odd joke which may offened. He is a very loyal friend and would do almost anything for a friend. His best friend is Josh and he takes great care of him. In general, Mike is a nice and decent guy but he has one problem....

Kimberly Johnson 'Kim' (Firebrick)

Kim is the Fire in Fireworks. He is the maniac. He's the bully, the funny guy, the hot guy, the chick magnet, the manwhore, the entertainer, the firestarter and everything in between. Inside, hes a decent guy and nice and loyal to his mates but outside, he disses everyone and just acts like the common jerk and the up himself male. He will not let a dare go unnoticed.

Steven Middleton 'Steve' (Sienna3)

Steve is also pretty well build, and also learns Tai Kwan Do so he's not a person you would want to mess with. He can sometimes over react to things but most of the time he is a decent friend and a good person to hang around with. He is closes with Burn as they have been thru alot before they met the others. He is a really emotional kind of guy and he really really loved his girlfriend until....

Burney Gordon 'Burn' (LightPink4)

Burn would be one of most unnoticeable guys in the group. The reason is that he is only there because of Steve. In intermediate, Burn and Steve were best friends along with a few other kids but all their mates went to another school and only Steve and Burn were left. Steve got along with Kim quite well so joined Kim. Burn followed. Burn has quite a passive personality. He also quite smart.

Jessica Franklin 'Jessie' (YellowGreen)

Jessie is the girlfriend of Steve. Jessie cherishes Steve alot and vice versa. Jessie is quite a lovely girl. She has high determination and self belief. Most people like her quite alot as she is very easy going, pretty and pretty selfless. Her best friend would be Kate which is basically her only friend as when she went out with Steve, she lost contact with all her friends because she wanted to spend more time with Steve.

Katelin Samantha Somerville 'Kate' (Chocolate2)

Kate and Jessie are best friend. Even though Jessie spent all her time with Steve, Kate is still there for Jessie. Whenever Jessie is not with Steve, she is with Kate. Kate normally hangs out with her other friends but Jessie is kind of like a first priority to her. As soon as Jessie comes to her and needs help, Kate will be there and vice versa. If Kate needed help with something, she will first go to Jessie.

Claire Richmond 'Clair' (Orange1)

Clair is one of the hottest girls at school. Her looks are totally different from Michelle. Michelle is cute where as Clair is just plain hot. Lots of guys like her but most just want to get into her pants. She is also the daughter of the Principle. She likes Michelle and so left her group and started hanging out with her. Now they are great friends.

Jacey Dobbins "Mrs Dobbins" (DimGray)

Mrs Dobbins is Josh and Mikes form and history teacher. She is quite a nice teacher and cares about Josh and Mike quite a lot. She especially likes Josh. Even though she likes them, she doesn't show one bit of lenience towards them and treat them the strictest.

Frances McMillian 'Josh's Mum' (LightBlue)

Josh's Mum is a very very lenient parent but Josh is quite a good and easy to look after kid so it all seems good. She is very nice and loves to be one with the kids. She often jokes with them. Her Husband is often at work and most of the times in other cities so she has to try really hard to keep the family together.

Others (DarkSalmon)

Any Character who does not interact a lot is placed here to avoid too many characters and confusion (and less work for me:P)

Tobias Freeman 'Toby' (Maroon)

Toby is a typical bully. He has a little gang of people that hangs out with him and does his little criminal deeds with him. He is quite a tough guy and loves to push and order people around.

Toby's Gang (SaddleBrown)

Toby's gang consist of quite a few people so anyone who speaks from it will be in this colour.

Ryan Richmond 'The Principle' (DarkSlateGray)

The Principle is quite a good guy. He has his reputation so is always looked up and repected but he is actually a very caring and nice man. Out of schools situations, he is great fun but when there is a problem, he will solve it with fairness so not matter who it is, the punishment will be the same.

Tasmine Josephine Edwards 'T' (DeepPink)

Tasmine is a friend Mike met over the internet. She lives in England. Mike often goes on MSN and chats with Tasmine tell her everything. She is a very supportive person and cheers Mike up often. Without her, Mike would not be where he is now. She did not give much advice but more of just someone to talk to and for strenghten when he was down.

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