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Geocities, Mocochill's Web Host is closing down on the 26 of October.
As we have not had much traffic activity, it is unlikely that the admins will spend time to move the site around. However, if we achieve 15 members, we WILL move the website and start elsewhere, and hopefully it will be better. For the members who actually want Mocohill to stay, please contribute by asking a new member to join. If we all do our part, then Mocohill will grow.
Thanks guys
Mocohill Admin

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Coming Soons!

We have a few things that have been planned and are currently being developed. The first few things is a 'General Poll', 'Topic dicussion', and 'Lifes Questions and Answers' If you want to know more about these following items, or would like to be involved, please email me.

Welcome to jerminatoronline, our newest Member!

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About Mocohill

Mocohill, a series of a few kids, Josh, Steve, Mike, Kim and Burn and their lifes joureny of love, friendship, parents and more. Full of many twists and turns, please read on.
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Here are some reviews from some of the people who have read Mocohill:

Melody:Gahh!! Its s0ooo awesome!! KEEP WRITTING!! I lyk.. waited 1-2yrz for de rest of tis 2 come out!!Annnd its jus gettin betta! =0 lolz <3
James: Awesome as man!! keep it up!! you have got a talent for writing, i could easily picture wat was happening and its enjoyable as to read.
Cebrina: enjoying readin it....love it lots...It gives me so much entertaining when i feel tired of work and study. Also, know more about life and people from it.... Thanks Bao...

Topic Discussion

The Topic Discussion area is where a topic is voted by our members and then, it is discussed by everyone. When this is up, the idea is that a new topic will be voted every, week, month or forthnight, depending on its popularity and everyone can see what other peoples opinions of the topic is. This should be good fun as we get to see what everyone thinks about the same topic, coming soon!
General Poll

As the title reads, it is a general poll, this means that it can be about anything, from anything within Mocohill, to just everyday life questions. This is intended to find out about our views/members and get to know everyone abit more. Hope you are looking forward to it and hope you are going to enjoy it when it comes out. Thanks!

Mocohill Quiz

Again, as the title says, this is all about Mocohill and how much you know about it. When it comes out, points will definately be included and there may even be new quizzes every week/month, again depending on tis popularity. Well, thats it for now. We hope to see these changes happen as soon as possible as we, at Mocohill, are very interested to see the effects of our new champain. Thanks for your support Mocohill Admin
(in order of points)

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