Black and White Photos from Disney World
We decided to try our hand at Black and White photography, and it ended up being the best roll of film i have ever taken in my live.  Just amazing pictures, and here are some of them
dude, get off me already
Us on the carousel in Fantasyland, ... absolutely gorgeous Elizabeth DiZazzo.
I had a copy of this picture on my computer without the weird Hispanic guy over our shoulder, but it wouldnt load, bummer.  Anyway, great pic of the two of us waiting in line to see Cinderella in Mickey's ToonTown
nice DiZazzo, nice
This is where we lived, ... VISTA WAY.  So we wanted to take a shot of us hanging out outside before we left and it ended up being an incredibly good shot, especially of Ella
Another shot of me and Ella in front of CinderElla's Castle.  Very timeless and classic in black and white don't ya' think.
Taking a break in the summer heat on Tom Sawyer Island in front of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Literally one of my top 5 favorite days in all my 5 months at DisneyWorld
Same day, same place.  This time its a picture of Ella beating me at checkers like i have never been beaten in my life.
Here is a good picture of Ella hanging out waiting for the boat to get us off of Tom Sawyer Island.  Good times where had by all
Here's me trying to get the Sword out of the Stone in Fantasyland.  Needless to say, i did not get the sword out and am therefore not the King of Sherwood Forest, or whatever its supposed to stand for
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