More Disney Pictures
nice boxers, you cock
Here are more pictures of nick and ella at Disney World this summer
Another picture from 4th of July.  Ella and Nick sitting on the beach of the Poly, watching one of the best fireworks shows ever.
The DiZazzo kids and Nick at Beaches and Cream sharing THE SINK.
cute? yeah
Beautiful day, beautiful girl at Tom Sawyer Island.  I think we took about 50 photos this day, and almost everyone came out amazing.  Like this one.
Sharing a kiss over dinner at Benningan's down the street from our apartments.  Good times had by all, well not all, but for me and ella at least
CinderELLA is cuter then CInderella, makes no sense
Nick and Ella at Princess Breakfast at CinderElla's Castle.  Even though it was our last day at Disney World we had a lot of fun and I took lots of pictures with my princess, and a few Disney characters stopped by too.
We had a picture of us eating the giant moon pie at the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground, but i couldnt find a copy, so here we are on the Giant Tonka Trunk.
Ella at the Princess bathroom in Fantasyland
Me at the Prince bathroom in Fantasyland
Nick and Ella in the audience of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, ... soon to take the HotSeat themeselve.  By far one of the funnest things we did in DisneyWorld.
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