Ella and Nicks' Disney World Memories
Sometime in late May a young man met a young girl and took off on a fairy tale story that would change there lives forever.  This page shows some of the memories and magical moments these two got to share during there wonderful three months in the happiest place on earth!  ... I I love you Elizabeth DiZazzo
Isn't she HOT
Here we are at one of our favorite place, Beaches and Cream at the Yacht and Beach club.  On a lazy night, we would take the long bus ride over to the best resort on Disney property and use the pool, and occasionally get some ice cream, as shown here
Elizabeth and Nick on 4th of July at the Polynesian resort.  After we took this picture we new we had to take a million more because it was one of the best pictures that had ever been taken of either of us
By far one of my favorite pictures of us.  We are just hanging out at Pleasure Island for the last time.  **tear**.  Probably the most fun i ever had at Pleaure Island.
lucky man, Hanes
a match made in, ... DisneyWorld
On the last day we got to spend together at DisneyWorld, i took my princess to CinderElla's Royal Table for Princess Breakfast.  Afterward we happened to run into MY favorite character, ALICE, and i got to take one last picture with Alice and my Princess
Oh, Dizazzo, you DoDo Bird
The reason why photography was invented, was to take this picture. (period)
again, how Hot is she!
so cute
when i got this picture back from the one hour photo lab i knew that i had truely fallen in love with the most amazing girl EVER.  There was a line to take a photo with Donald and he was going to leave in like 30 seconds, so she just hopped in there to get her photo with him.
Another one of favorite things to do was catch a showing of FantasMic.  Here we are enjoying it for the last time.  One of my favorites of us, simple picture, beautiful girl.
Another photo from our last day in the Magik Kingdom.  And by far one of the  best pictures taken in front of CinderElla's Castle in the 30 year history of people taking pictures in front of CInderElla's Castle.
Black and White Disney Photos
Pictures from Ella's first trip to
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