Nick and Ella's California Pictures
So Me and Ella met at Disneyworld in the Summer of 2002.  We spent an amazing 3 months hanging out and falling in love in the happiest place on earth.  At the end of our "most wonderful summer" we both had to fly away from eachother.  Nick to Sunnyvale and Ella to Methuen.

8 weeks later Ella finally had the chance to fly out to California and spend a week with her prince in Sunnyvale.  Here are some of the pics!
So here is another page of nick and ella pictures with some other stuff thrown in
we went down to Santa Cruz at Sunset one nite.  And drew some love notes in the sand.  Cute?
Ella on the beach as the sun is going down..  Beauftiful shot of the beach, and Ella>
Us at my Dad's Birthday party in Berkeley.
on the CABLE CAR in San Francisco EVERYBODY, ... RESPECT
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