What is the religious side of Wicca anyway?

In the religious sense Wicca is considerably different from many western religions. Wicca is not about following a prescribed set of rules exactly, or taking words of wisdom as fact without question. Wicca encourages you to think about exactly what you believe, and make quite a lot of your own choices in what you wish to believe. Wiccans have a certain amount of core beliefs which define the path, but from that point, your path is yours to shape as you see fit.

For example one of the core beliefs of Wicca is that we reincarnate, and that there are certain lessons we learn in each lifetime. Within that core belief, you define exactly what you believe. One Wiccan may extend this to be that Wiccans reincarnate, and between lives meet with the Goddess and God to discuss the lessons that life taught them, and then they reincarnate, same species, same gender. Another Wiccan may believe that between lives we meet with other people who have reincarnated more times that we have, and decide to pre-plan certain events in our next life to teach us particular lessons. After that we meet with others and help them the way the older souls helped us, then reincarnate to whatever species and gender best suits our path of learning.

Wicca is a faith of two gods: one Goddess, and one God who are harmonious partners and the two the gods encompass all things. Often Wiccans may choose a specific goddess or god to represent a single aspect of the Goddess or God as a whole. For example if I were to travel by sea, I might speak with the God in the aspect of Neptune. Neptune provides a specific, easy to understand aspect of all the things the God encompasses, and makes it a bit easier to focus on what I am doing. The particular aspect needn't be roman or greek, many use celtic, norse, egyptian, or mexican gods for this purpose. This makes perfect sense since the gods encompass all things, anything is part of them. On the other hand, I might just choose to speak with the Goddess and God without choosing to use an aspect, such is my option. Personally I usually do not use aspects very often, but know others who use them almost exclusively.

Wiccans are not servants to the will of the gods, but rather an ally to them. In Wicca, the gods do not place demands upon us, or ask that we give things up, as they are our parents who love us unconditionally, and without jealousy or selfishness. We deal with the gods in a very human, and direct way, rather than treating them as incomprehensible "mystery boxes" which are worshiped, and asked favors of in exchange. We also generally do not pray to our gods and ask them to make something happen, but rather take the more self involved approach of asking them to help us make it happen. Our gods do not turn a deaf ear to a plea for help, but they would much rather help you solve the problem yourself. For example if your friend is having emotional hardships, it is much more the Wiccan way to ask the gods to help you have the patience and compassion to help your friend, than to pray to them and ask them to help your friend in her of his time of need.

Wicca is also observing the beauty of nature, seeing it as the work of the gods, and sharing their pride in their creation much the same way we share the pride when a friend makes a major achievement. We look upon their accomplishment, smile at how wonderful it is, and watch them smile too. Nature is continually moving through the seasons and moons in a constant cycle, as Wiccans we observe the stages of these cycles by meeting with our gods and complimenting them on the beauty of their creation on the full moons, seasonal quarters, and cross quarters. In these natural cycles we are also reminded of the cycle we view as present in all living things: birth, life, death, and rebirth. Religiously we associate the moon's cycle with the Goddess and the sun's cycle with the God. The product of nature is created through the harmony of these two different, and yet the same, gods.



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