How To Contact Your Spirit Guides

There are many ways to contact your Spirit Guides. Here for those of you who would like to try for the first time are a few of the most common and simple methods of getting in touch with your helpers.

1)THE SHAMANIC JOURNEY. This is a form of meditation designed to take you into the realm of Spirit to meet your guides. It is simple - but you must be sure not to leave any of the steps out.

A) The first step is to get very clear about your intent. Write out a single sentence statement about what your are doing and what you hope to accomplish. End the sentence with the phrase "this work is for the highest good of all and free will of all." An example statement might be " I wish to meet and interact with my personal Spirit Guides so that I can learn to better trust myself and my intuitive experiences, I wish to do this in a way that is for the highest good of all and according to the free will of all.

B) Relax and focus yourself. Take a moment to become very aware of your breathing and your body and to "be in the moment."

Set aside any worries or fears or random thoughts and focus completely on where you are and what you are doing. (This is often referred to as "grounding.")

C) Create a Sacred Space for yourself. Turn off the phone, make sure you are not going to be interrupted, and then take a moment to pray to whatever sense of Deity you connect with and ask that your work be blessed and your space be protected while you are working.

D) Alter your consciousness. Take deep breaths until you are totally relaxed. (Stay sitting up so you do not fall asleep.) Close your eyes and "look" at your eyelids. After a moment you will see the "afterlights" or lines and squiggles from electrical energy in your eyes. (Similar to what you see if the lights flash on and then go suddenly dark- or if you "look" at the sun with your eyelids closed. Focus on these for a moment and allow yourself to feel yourself sinking deeper into your "imagination." Many people find that listening to the sound of a dripping faucet, or any steady repetitive sound helps this process. You can even get a drumming tape at many Metaphysical stores especially for this purpose. Remember though you want boring and repetitive- not crazy and syncopated.)

E) From here you are likely to get the sensation you are going down a tunnel or climbing a tree. Just go with the experience whatever it is . If you have no experience at all- do not worry it takes some people abut 5 or 6 tries for this to work. If you feel you are "making it up" that is OK too. Your imagination has to come from somewhere and is often based on psychic cues you are unconsciously picking up. Just follow along with whatever is happening - repeating your intent again and again in your mind.

F) Pay attention. You will likely meet a guide or teacher. Many times this guide will show 4 different guises (like turning so you can see them from all sides- or appearing in a flock or some such "multiple.") This is simply an indication that the guide is very ready to work with you. If you feel you see nothing be sure to watch for your preconceptions. Many people will say - "I managed to go somewhere but I did not see any guide." and then when I question them they will report seeing whole flocks of insects or bunches of mice- but ignoring them because they were looking for something "bigger." Remember the size or majesty of the way your guide appears has nothing at all to do with the size and mangiest of the lessons they can teach and messages they can share!

G) When you meet someone simply thank them, and ask if they have any messages to give you. Do not worry if you get no response right away- this is a relationship and may take time to build. Always ask if there is anything you can do in return for their kindness before you end your meditation and return to normal consciousness.

H) When you are ready "come home." Simply return your awareness to your breathing and your body. Take a moment to focus on each of your five senses.

I) Get up slowly. Write down any notes about your experience you wish to write down. Then do a thank you prayer and imagine yourself releasing your sacred space. Turn your phone back on, blow out any candles etc. As you do so make sure that you start to focus on the rest of your day and the mundane tasks at hand.

J) Be pleased and proud. Whether you "got anything" this time or not you have done a shamanic journey. With time you may learn to use this technique as an amazing method of spiritual learning and personal healing.


This is a method similar to the one above- but does not require the use of an "altered state of consciousness." Instead pick a place you can be outside in a natural setting uninterrupted for at least 1 and 1/2 hours. (The remote corners of parks where not too many people are around- or backyards are fine.)

A) Complete steps A-C from the above exercise.

B) Sit and watch nature. Sing to yourself or repeat your intent, but do not get up and move around or read a book or talk to anyone or allow yourself to daydream. Observe nature. Watch to quality of the light and look for the different shades of color - and watch for any animals or plants that call your attention. Keep focused for the full hour and a half.

C) Think about your experience. You may "spontaneously" have a vision, or simply notice a lot of a particular animal, or remember a specific scripture or spiritual teacher. Whatever it is trust that this is your message from your guide.

D) Repeat steps h-J from exercise one.


This is also a simplified way to connect with your guides.

A) Complete steps A and B from exercise number one.

B) Then instead of praying to "set a sacred space" for a specific exercise - make a prayer that during the next four days your guides will show themselves to you. Simply ask that they come into your life in a way that you can recognize.

C) Look for any message or guide that repeats itself 4 times. (Four stray cats show up at your door - you see a flock of swans overhead- a sudden infestation of ants, all the sudden friends start giving you pictures of the Virgin Mary. Whatever as long as it is multiple.)

D) Thank your guide and think about the lessons that you may be receiving from them- ask if there is anything you can give back in return.

E) IMPORTANT. Please remember after four days to take a moment to do a thank you prayer and "finish" the exercise and release your request. Otherwise you will end up getting really spacey and incompetent and could bring a string of "bad luck" upon yourself by not being grounded.

So there are some ways to contact your guides. Always trust your own intuition and go at your own pace.

Good luck!!!!



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