Spiritual Guides


During our lives, thankfully, we don't have to go through the emotional, physical and spiritual lessons of this life alone. We can gain insight into our karmic lessons or the trials and tribulations that cross our paths by raising above the physical path and looking at our spiritual path.
Other than the Great Spirits and the people we've chosen to interact with in this embodiment, we also have a few spiritual friends to help us look at these lessons from a higher level. These spiritual friends on the other side can 'see' more of what's happening from the spiritual perspective and help give us gain insight and find guidance along the way.
We have several different types of guides depending on the culture you come from. Metaphysically speaking there are 4 basic categories or types of guides that the individual person:

The Relative Guide.
This is usually a person who knew you in this lifetime. They are the relative who helps you through the day to day grind and nitty gritty processes of life. They are the soul who greets you at the door when it come your time to transition from life to death.

The Spirit Guide.
This is usually a person you knew in a past life. Someone who is on the same spiritual level as yourself. This soul helps you with your higher purpose or mission in this embodiment. The karmic issues, the spiritual lessons, the gifts and talents you brought from the past into this life and so on. Their main purpose is to help you evolve your soul during this incarnation.

The Animal Guide.
Everyone has an Animal Guide watching over them, protecting them and providing a connection to the higher divine force. Animal Guides were never incarnated beings as we understand it. The are the messengers of the Divine. They can be as small as a bee or as large as a Dragon. The Master Teacher. If you are destined to be a spiritual leader you will have with you, at the appropriate time, a Master Teacher. This soul is someone who is on a higher spiritual plane than yourself. They help you with the responsibility of 'leadership', the dissemination, the higher more advanced spiritual evolutionary issues that a leader will need



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