Aphrodite - goddess of love, sexual love


Aradia - queen of the witches, very powerful, not at all sweet, handle with care


Areanrhod - goddess of stars and reincarnation


Artemis - goddess of the moon


Astarte - goddess of fertility


Bast - goddess of protection and cats


Brigid - warrior fire goddess


Ceres - goddess of the harvest


Cerridiven - moon and harvest goddess


Demeter - birthing goddess


Diana - goddess of the hunt


Flora - goddess of spring and birth


Freya - moon goddess


Hathor - moon goddess


Hectate - moon goddess, ruler of the cauldron, protector of the witches, crone aspect


Hera - goddess of marriage


Hestia - goddess of home and hearth and safety within


Inanna - mother aspect


Isis - complete triple goddess


Kali - creatix, destructor goddess


Lillith - goddess of the moon, and physical passions, seductress who stands on 2 feet


Maat - goddess of justice and divine order


Morgan - goddess of water and majic


Nuit - sky mother


Persephone - goddess of underworld, maiden aspect


Selene - moon goddess, maiden aspect


Venus - goddess of love


Vesta - goddess of fire, home and hearth, maiden aspect




Adonis - god of vegitation and beauty


Anubis - god of protection


Apollo - god of sun and arts


Cernunnos - horned god protector of weak creatures, great hunter and

consort to the Lady


Eros - god of romance, sexual love and passion


Horus - god of healing


Lucifer - god of light and sun


Mithaa - sun god , soldiers god


Odin - god of wisdom and psychic sight


Pan - god of nature and woodlands, creatures, laughter, merriment and music


Poseidon - sea god


Ra - sun god


Shiva - god of the cycles; birth death rebirth


Thor - god of thunder


Thoth - god of reincarnation




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