Crystal scrying is one of the oldest forms of scrying. Because of the traditional associations, you may think you need a natural crystal ball. Unfortunately, even a small rock crystal ball with little imperfection is horrendously expensive. A common mistake for beginners is the belief that the bigger the crystal, the better it will work. In all actuality, if you have a choice between buying a small, perfect crystal and a larger crystal with many imperfections, get the small crystal.

The second choice for a crystal ball is a good quality leaded glass. Like the rock crystal balls, glass crystals vary greatly in quality. Look around until you find a glass crystal that is regular on the outside, with no sign of sag or ripples. This can be easily seen in a bright light, when you look through it.

The last choice for a scrying crystal is plastic. Plastic "crystals" are light, highly polished, perfectly round and contain no flaws, but are not a natural material .

The surprising thing about using a crystal ball is that you do not actually see much of the ball during use. Crystal scrying should be done in near, or total, darkness.

  How To Begin:

When you begin to scry, focus your gaze upon the center of the crystal, not upon its surface. Try to look through the crystal as though it were merely a window upon the astral world. Probably the first thing you will see after concentrating your vision at the center of the crystal for several minutes is shifting gray clouds that billow and roll like thunderheads. These will begin to change color. Observe these color changes in a detached way but do not focus your attention upon them. Continue to scry through the crystal, not into it.

A white radiance that is similar to a milky mist will gradually spread outward from the center of the crystal. This will lift to reveal images. At first these will be very tiny and far away, but clear and unnaturally bright. If you focus your critical reasoning powers upon these visions, they will vanish at once. It is necessary to observe them with an absent mind and allow them to arise of their own accord. As you gain skill in scrying, it will become possible for you to focus your awareness more directly upon these images without causing them to be covered by the white mist.

This visual abstraction of the mind from the images that arise in the crystal are learned techniques. Once you begin to receive visions, you will quickly discover what internal mental actions you must follow to sustain them. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you exactly how to create the right mental climate for sustaining scried visions any more than I can tell you how to balance on one foot. You must try yourself, observe your mistakes and learn by experiment. The correct mental state is the one that does not banish the visions.

If you find that you are getting no results after half a dozen sessions, you may wish to employ this technique for training the mind to receive visions: Look around the scrying room and focus your attention on some small object, then close your eyes and mentally attempt to transfer the image of the object into the crystal, to be observed when the eyes are reopened. When you are successful at this, transfer the image of a strong memory into the crystal and observe it in the same way.


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