This is my '88 Honda Hawk NT650 as it was when I bought it. Other than the previously mentioned modifications, the rear fender and the two rails on either side of the subframe were cut off, and the triple clamps are lowered about 1/2 an inch. It has SS brake lines both front and rear, with the rear through the swing arm. One of the first things I did, was remove the chain guard...looks much better now. Also, notice the braided hoses for the rad. Don't know if that's really necessary, and after seeing that the lower one was cutting into the frame I decided (really had to think long and hard about it) to put the stock hose back on, even put the nifty coil over it! The upper one I kept on, wasn't interfering with anything or doing damage. I bought 4 new turn signals. Really nice by EMGO. Aluminum body and they even have double filament bulbs. I mounted the front ones through the headlight assembly bolt holes, and the rear ones on a new custom rear bracket I made which also holds the license plate. Around mid summer I decided to buy a new chain and sprockets. It's always a good idea to do this when you notice your rear sprocket has something in common with hockey players...missing teeth. I ordered AFAM sprockets from a shop I deal with, but they had problems getting them in, so I went to another shop and got Sprocket Specialties ones. 16T front and 45T rear. I also got a DID X-ring chain to replace the worn race chain that was on it. With the new sprockets and chain, it was a totally different ride.


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