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First things first: We don't just provide a repository for "adult images", and tack a few sporadic dirty stories onto it and call ourselves a "role-playing club".

DANGER ISLAND! is built around a core of "real" role-players, who have stories to tell that might just have a certain degree of "adult" content to them, when the situation merits it. We have our own corner of the world, in the form of the wonderful Katira Island, in the Indian Ocean, where the rich and famous come to play - and sometimes bring superhuman bodyguards and associates with them.

"Is this for me?", you ask. Drop in for a brief visit, and make up your own mind. We welcome new, imaginative participants who play by the rules. Sign up if you want, but if you're just looking for dirty pictures, you'll be disappointed. Sign up with the intention of playing along, and we'll do our best to make your stay stimulating and entertaining.

All we ask is that you bring original characters, with no links to copyrighted heroes or villains, and preferably characters that don't appear anywhere else, and please be considerate towards other participants - don't just leave others in the lurch if you chose to stop posting, as has happened in the past, much to the annoyance of our founding members. We will just "forget" such plot-lines and carry on as though they did not happen.

So warned, we now welcome the curious...


Version 2.0 of the official DANGER ISLAND website!



Use the navigation bar below to get around - all the link buttons work, but some of the Version 1.0 pages aren't linked into the new set-up just yet. Some of the previous pages won't be included at all, to streamline the site, but no essential information will be missed out!

The "DI!@Yahoo!" button will take you directly to the Danger Island! Club at Yahoo!, the link opening in a new window. Just make sure you have your passport and Yahoo! ID ready...


Updated 13 July 2000

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