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I Will Be A Good Sportsperson
I Will use my influence  to promote Responsible ATV use
I Will recognize that others will Judge all ATV users by my ACTIONS
I Will maintain Clean Trails & Use areas
I Will work to Preserve the Enviroment in all my riding endeavors
I Will Respect other People's Property & Rights
I Will help others that are in Distress
I Will make Myself & my vehicle available in an Emergency
I Will recognize the rights of other user Groups
I Will strive to have other recreation participants recognize &
respect My Rights as An ATV Operator as I recognize their Rights
I Will learn & obey all Federal, Provincial & Municipal laws
Regarding the use of my ATV
I Will inform Public officials when  travelling on public lands
I Will not Harass wildlife with or while riding my ATV
I Will be aware of riding in Protected or Sensitive areas
I Will use Marked Trails & areas open to ATVs'
I Will not travel where Prohibited
If all ATV riders know and adhere to this
Code Of Ethics,
our sport will continue to grow.
If we don't adhere to this code expect
others to continually try and
deny us the freedoms enjoyed by other recreational activities; eg. snowmobilers!!!
Be Responsible &  Know the Code !!!
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