Established in 1995, we started out with a brown classic tabby with white boy - GC Chattacoon Rocky Road of MtnMaine - showing in CFA, Cat Fanciers Association. Then came our silver mackerel girl - CH Bryrhaven Glacier-Lace of MtnMaine. Now our cattery is underway. In 1999 I became interested in working with Foundation Cats. Thank you Judith for allowing me to reference your most informative web-site! Through e-mail I met and became friends with Phyllis Tobias of Kumskaka Maine Coons located in Michigan. She sent me my first Foundation girl, a brown patch with white - Kumskaka Ripple'N Brook of MtnMaine - aka Corine. Then came my blue-silver girl - Kumskaka Crystal-Blu of MtnMaine - aka Violet. I was taken with the health and vigor of these Foundation cats and in 2004 I added a solid white girl - Kumskaka Cloud Watcher of MtnMaine - aka Skye. We have had no health problems with these girls, such as gingivitis, stomatitis or any of the other health problems associated with the Maine Coon Breed. All of their HCM tests have come back Negative and HD tests are rated Good. The offspring that I have kept from these girls are just as healthy with Negative HCM results as well. I will continue to work with Foundation lines, as I believe this is the only way to keep this wonderful breed of cat free from the many health problems that have arisen from the small gene pool that we have to work with.

I don't necessarily breed for color but for health, temperment and type. As the saying goes, "You can paint the barn any color you want, first you have to build the barn." Therefore the colors we produce are; whites, reds, creams, blues, blue-silvers, an occasional silver or silver patch, blue patches, blue creams, browns, brown patches, all with or without white. I have not produced any solids or bi-colors lately. I will be concentrating on producing more quality white Maine Coons as they are so very elegant.

As for my babies. I used to have a kitten waiting list but found it to be quite cumbersome and that most people don't really want to wait. I now work on a first come - first serve basis. If you are interested in a kitten please feel free to contact me, if any are available we can set up a time for you to visit. At that time you can put a deposit on the kitten of your choice, this will hold him/her for you until they are old enough to leave their mom and siblings, usually 12 - 14 weeks of age. There is that occasional kitten that I just can't promise to anyone as I will need to evaluate him/her for show and/or breeder potential. This can take up to 4 - 5 months. I appreciate your understanding on this matter. As we are always trying to improve our lines.

Nutrition is of utmost importance for my Maine Coons. I started feeding a raw food diet some time back and am amazed daily at the difference it has made in my cats. The number one difference is their health. As cats are true carnivores they are not meant to eat and try to digest corn, grains and other additives that are present in our modern day dry food (kibble). For more information on raw feeding please go to the
Cat Nutrition web-site. Being a commited raw food feeder, I now own my own business producing raw food for pets. Please look me up at MtnMaine Pet Food.

I hope you enjoy visiting my "Cat House". I try to keep it up-dated but sometimes life gets a bit hectic and that is just not possible. I do eventually get around to it.

Please, when you e-mail me, in the subject line of your e-mail put "kitten inquiry" or "I was at your web-site", just something to let me know that you've been here. With the rash of Spam email, viruses and such, if I don't recognize a name or there's no subject, I will delete that e-mail without opening it. Thank You for your understanding.

On some of the links I have incorporated music so you may want to turn the volume down.
Merrie Doering
MCBFA Breeder Member
Vancouver, WA USA
I am no longer breeding but please feel free to look at my wonderful Maine Coons!
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